Business Benefits

Business Continuity
Risk Mitigation
Change Management
Cost Management
Compliance Readiness

Ensure Protection, Visibility and Availability for your Critical Business Data

Vaultastic enables essential data management use-cases for today’s data-driven digital business environment
Legacy Data Protection and Management

Safely preserve historical information archives for rapid and easy access for compliance, and recovery from accidental data loss.

Optimize cost for Data Protection, Storage and Management

Reduce Information Storage and Management Cost by up to 60%

Improve your Legal and Compliance postures

Immutable storage, dashboards, deep e-discovery, and stored queries make the task of audits and investigations easier.

Maintain Supervision, Oversight, and Continuity of activities

A central data repository with role-based access enables supervisory controls and visibility.

Improve Productivity & responsiveness with Easier and Faster Data Access

A central, search ready repository of email ensures on-demand access from anywhere at any time

Discover and Reuse Digital Assets

Centralized data archiving with ediscovery unlocks valuable data assets trapped in individual user accounts.

Top Functions

Live Archival
Legacy Information Archival & Data Backup
Legal Hold
Centralised Repository
Role Based and Supervisor Access
Deep Discovery
Granular Data Extraction
Data Retention Policies
Compliance Workflow Management
Collaboration Over Data Exceptions and Data Assets
DIY interface
Storage Management Automation
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Data Protection and Agility at Highly Optimised Costs

Vaultastic is designed to reduce data-related risks, improve compliance readiness, and increase data asset utilization while optimizing storage costs.

Cost Optimization

Automatic Data Deduplication
Compress 30-60% to reduce storage costs.
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Hierarchical Storage Management
Categorizes your data based on access frequency and period of use.
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Pay Per Use
Optimize 20-23% of costs over multiple years using a pure consumption model.
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Risk Mitigation

Multi-layered Security
Aligned with industry-defined security standards.
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Rock solid reliability
High Data Durability and Guaranteed Availability with inbuilt disaster recovery.
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High level of Visibility and Control
Greater control from improved visibility of data and activities.
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Improved Agility

Elastic Store
Auto-scalability does away with the need for managing resource provisioning.
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Multi-level Ediscovery
Discover data quickly using mail attributes, keywords, & boolean constructs.
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Data Portability
No data lock-in means easy data movement in and out of the Archival store.
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Cross Platform. Independent. Open

Vaultastic can connect and ingests data across platforms to enable a common and centralised data repository to reverse fragmentation

We Love making things better for you

95% of subscriptions are renewed
95% of subscriptions are renewed
Compliance with regulatory guidelines
Compliance with regulatory guidelines
Vaultastic Customers from 18+ countries
Customers in 18+ countries
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