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Data protection essential in the digital era | Vaultastic
"Data in the 21st century is like oil in the 18th century: an immensely, untapped valuable asset" - The Wired.
1. Data protection is mandatory by law and industry regulations for Compliance.
2. Maintaining data privacy is essential for earning customer Trust and reputation
3. Data protection is critical to ensure Business Continuity
4. Storage management and governance are necessary for Cost Optimization
5. Data availability and accessibility are essential for Productivity
6. Rapid data discovery required for improving Customer Service
Unlock the power of your information
Vaultastic's cloud data management enables critical use-cases for today’s data-driven digital business environment
Why Vaultastic
By design, Vaultastic reduces data-related risks, improves compliance readiness, optimizes storage costs, and discovers reusable data assets to help you gain productivity.
Optimize Costs
Automatic Data Deduplication
Compress between 30-60% to reduce storage costs.
Hierarchical Storage Management
Combined repository for Live and Legacy email
Pay Per Use
Optimize 20-23% costs over multiple years using a pure consumption model.

Reduce Risks
Multi-layered Security and Industry Compliance
Compliance with industry-defined security standards.
Role-Based Access
Guaranteed Reliability, Security, and Performance.
High level of Visibility and Control
Greater control from improved visibility of data and activities

Improved Agility
Elastic Store
Auto-scalability does away with the need for managing resource provisioning.
Multi-level deep Ediscovery
Discover data quickly from across mailboxes
Data Portability
No data lock-in means easy data movement in and out of the Archival store.
Meet the Data Protection,
and Management needs across Industries
Choose or define a Data Protection and Compliance framework that fits your business and industry needs
Banking, Financial, & Insurance sectors

BFSI companies are continually under the regulatory scanner. Vaultastic ensures readiness for compliance-related audits.

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Vaultastic protects email data of the BFSI industry
Pharmaceutical sector

In the heavily regulated pharmaceutical industry, protecting email data that carry sensitive information is valuable and mandatory. Vaultastic makes it easy to meet compliance regulations.

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Protecting and managing critical email data of the pharma industry
Health Care

Vaultastic provides tools to make it easier for the health care industry to maintain data privacy and compliance with laws such as GDPR, HIPPA, etc.

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Vaultastic helps health care companies comply with regulations
Knowledge Industry

With Vaultastic, it is easy to discover and share valuable digital assets that often get captured and stored in email boxes.

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Vaultastic helps discover and reuse knowledge assets

For government agencies, Vaultastic helps maintain tamper-proof and easily accessible records of its digital communications to gain Citizen Trust.

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Gain citizen trust with superior email data protection using Vaultastic
Vaultastic integrations
Legacy Email Data
Vaultastic supports automated migration from a growing number of data formats and sources to the archival cloud store.
Cross-Platform Live Archival
Vaultastic supports the real-time archival of active emails from a comprehensive set of email communication and notification platforms.
Data ingestion via APIs
The Vaultastic API enables scalable ingestion of email data from various workplace productivity and email notification applications
360° Coverage of
benefits for businesses
Delivering on the expectations of all stakeholders across the organization
Vaultastic helps consolidate operational and legacy email data into a central repository with SaaS tools for discovery, governance, and extraction that dramatically increase the visibility and availability of business-critical email data to support multiple use cases across the complete data life cycle
Vaultastic delivers on the expectations of all stakeholders across the organization
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Pay only for what you need

Legacy Email Data Migration
Legacy Email Data Migration
starting at
  • Best for preserving Legacy email of active/Inactive/ex employees. This plan is also effective to optimize costs for archiving live email of System, Common ids and very Lite business users (<2.5 GB a year)
  • Upto 1 million mail or 100GB per vault
    (approx 20 years of email)
  • 1 vault per user
  • Charged by cumulative storage consumed
  • Archive live email
  • Import Legacy email
  • eDiscovery
Live Mail Archival
Live Mail Archival
starting at
  • Best for Lite business users (>2.5 GB a year)
  • Upto 0.1 million mail or 10GB per vault
    (approx 3 years of email)
  • 1 vault per user
  • Charged per user
  • Archive live email
  • No Import for legacy email
  • No eDiscovery
For users with no legacy email data
starting at
  • Best for Regular business users (>3.5 GB a year)
  • Upto 0.3 million mail or 30GB per vault
    (approx 8 years of email)
  • 1 vault per user
  • Charged per user
  • Archive live email
  • No Import for legacy email
  • eDiscovery
For users with no legacy email data
starting at
  • Best for Critical heavy users (>5 GB a year)
  • Upto 1 million mail or 100GB per vault
    (approx 20 years of email)
  • 1 vault per user
  • Charged per user
  • Archive live email
  • No Import for legacy email
  • eDiscovery

Mixing plans allows you to optimize costs and pay only for what you need and consume. E.g. you can select Continuity for 20 users who need only an email backup, select Tracer for 10 users who come under regulation compliance and Durability for 5 critical users and apply the Hold plan for all inactive users.

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