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60% or more of Business-Critical Data lies in Email Stores. Vaultastic is a cloud-native email data management solution making Email data Secure, Accessible & Compliance ready.

It’s a digital economy and data is more valuable than ever before

More than 60% of critical data could be stored in email.
Ensure data security of critical business information with Cloud archival

Wide Range of Use Cases

A cross-compatible, easy, reliable, durable, and elastic platform helps you Preserve, Manage, Discover and Recover email information easily

Email Preservation & Extraction
Reversing Data Fragmentation
Data Governance & Management
Performance Optimisation
Legacy Data Management
Productivity for eDiscovery

Email Preservation and Extraction

Email is already the most popular business communication tool, it is gaining importance as a destination for authentication, notification, authorization, issue resolution etc. for digital businesses, making it mandatory across many sectors, to secure the resulting data trail.

Vaultastic cloud based archival helps by safeguarding email data in secure tamper-proof vaults over extended periods, maintaining the data online and always search ready, with tools like ediscovery to extract select data on demand.

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With more industry segments getting covered under regulations, it is important to have a scalable way to safeguard data and make it compliance ready - available on demand easily, quickly.

With immutable stores, fast e-discovery, and easy data extraction, Vaultastic cloud Email archiving solution can reduce compliance-related risks, ease the burden of adhering to your industry regulations and data security guidelines, comply with applicable privacy and data residency laws and responding to compliance requests for litigation, audits, and reviews, easily and rapidly.

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Reversing Data Fragmentation

With growing fragmentation of email data across endpoints and storage devices, it is becoming increasingly important to consolidate it all in a central repository to prevent data loss, enable multi level discovery, access and recovery.

Information Governance & Data Management

Vaultastic's role-based access control can support your organization’s information governance and data management strategy by mimicking your organization’s hierarchical structure, defining user -level retention policies and supporting a differential authorized access policy for the accumulated email data.

Performance Optimisation

The increasing volume of email messages is leading to bloated mailboxes, resulting in slower and longer email client syncs that negatively impact the performance of devices and mail servers, while users struggle to manage and maintain their inboxes to retain important messages.

Vaultastic email archival system supports a hierarchical storage architecture enabling the organization to achieve leaner mail servers & mailboxes on the devices, pushing up performance and improving productivity.

Legacy Email Data Management

Legacy email data can be fragmented across the organization posing risks and causing friction while migrating between systems.

Using the automated data migration tools, Vaultastic enables upload and aggregation of fragmented legacy email data into a centralised archival for easy discovery and extraction.

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Increased Productivity with ediscovery

Since email captures more than 60% or more business-critical information, to leverage all this accumulated knowledge it is best that the data is centrally located and search ready.

With Vaultastic ediscovery any piece of information can be discovered instantly, with frequent queries saved for future use to uncover updated information with a single click.

Why Vaultastic

Multi layered Security & Industry Compliance
Vaultastic reduces your data security risk at multiple layers and is frequently reviewed for compliance to stringent security guidelines by third parties.
Wide Support for Email Platforms
Vaultastic cloud email archiving supports a wide range of email solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Google GSuite, Exchange, etc., and popular data exchange formats viz. PST, EML, IMAP.
Guaranteed Reliability, Security & Performance
Vaultastic delivers a solution needing zero hardware, maintenance or management, with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%+ and data durability of 11 9's with inbuilt disaster recovery.
Combined Repository For Live & Legacy Email
Vaultastic cloud archival supports role-based deep ediscovery, which means you can define a hierarchy of individual, department and organization level discovery rights.
Flexible Friendly Pricing
Vaultastic's fixed + variable pricing plans help to simplify the purchase and mixing them up, depending on the role of the user, helps you optimize costs.
Life Cycle Support
Vaultastic automated and online support, ensures a hassle free experience across the complete lifecycle from evaluation to purchase, onboarding and legacy data migration, to ongoing use, maintenance & renewal.
Compelling ROI
Zero capex, management & maintenance, improved productivity, a friendly flexible pricing model, protection from vendor lock-in and more, all add up to deliver a compelling ROI.
Multi-Level Ediscovery
Besides archiving live email, Vaultastic provides easy ediscovery tools to help import & index legacy email data into the users' archive accounts, making it easy for the user to find any mail.

Pay only for what you need

starting at
Ideal for users who need to retain email data of inactive users for life
starting at
  • 1 Year Retention
  • Archiving for live mail
  • No provision for
    uploading Historical Mail
  • No eDiscovery
  • Elastic Storage
  • Export upto /year
  • Upto 1 million mail/vault
Ideal for users who need to backup email, search and recover instantly.
starting at
Ideal for users whose email use falls under regulation compliance
starting at
Ideal for users, whose email data is very critical and timeless
Want customized plan ? You can mix plans in one purchase.

Customer Success Stories

Banks, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, ITES/BPO all depend on Vaultastic to secure there data and ensure business continuity.

Vaultastic has helped increase our response rate to compliance requests
Mr. Gopal Rangaraj
Head IT,
Alembic Pharmaceutical Ltd.
Vaultastic has increased accountability across all our employees and the speed of work.
Ms. Kanchan Pant
Sharada Industries
Vaultastic has decreased management cost and improved the productivity of our customer support team.
Mr. Anil Balchandani
GM- IT Infrastructure
Eureka Forbes Limited
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