Vaultastic’s Cloud Email Archiving enables 14 critical Use Cases for today’s data-driven digital business environment

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Vaultastic’s Cloud Email Archiving enables 14 critical Use Cases for today’s data-driven digital business environment


Vaultastic, a cloud email archiving platform powered by AWS, helps you protect, manage, discover, and extract data with ease.

Here are the top fourteen use cases supported by Vaultastic, the cloud-native data management platform, that help you reduce risks, optimize costs and improve agility for your business.

Data Protection with cloud email archiving

Cloud Email Archiving is critical to business continuity

Email is the most popular business communication tool making the mailbox an essential source of reference data gathered over email exchanges. Thus, protecting this data becomes critical to ensure business continuity.

Vaultastic, a cloud email archiving platform, safeguards email data in secure tamper-proof vaults over extended periods.

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How cloud email archiving can improve Data Security

Securing email data in tamper-proof vaults can protect against data theft

IDC, some years ago, estimated that more than 60% of business-critical data resided in email boxes.

Because, besides business communications, email is also gaining importance as a destination for authentication, notification, authorization, issue resolution, and more for digital businesses.

Hence, this sensitive nature of emails makes it a #1 priority across industry sectors to secure the resulting data trail for compliance, business continuity, and references.

Reversing Data Fragmentation

Email Data preserved in portable formats in a central cloud repository is an excellent alternative to traditionally stored and fragmented email data

With a central elastic store, fast e-discovery, and simple data extraction, Vaultastic’s cloud email archiving platform can:

  • Reduce compliance-related concerns
  • Ease the burden of adhering to your industry regulations and cybersecurity guidelines
  • Comply with applicable privacy and data residency laws and
  • Help respond to data access requests for litigation, audits, and reviews.

Leverage Cloud Email Archiving as an Activity Record

Immutable vaults preserve the integrity of Email trails for audits and investigations.

Email exchanges act as a record of activities both within the organization and with the outside world.

Thus, as the organization moves on, the email trail becomes helpful to trace back, analyze and locate vital information that can be extremely useful in the functioning and improvements of the business and organization.

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Legacy Data Management with cloud email archiving

Valuable Legacy data stored using unwieldy mechanisms can be made more accessible by moving it to the cloud.

Fragmented legacy email data across the organization can pose risks and cause friction while searching and migrating between systems.

Using the automated data migration tools, Vaultastic enables up-load and aggregation of fragmented legacy email data into a centralized archive for easy discovery and extraction.

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Information Governance and Data Management

Role-based archival, access, and retention are necessary to simplify information governance.

Vaultastic’s role-based access control can support your organization’s information governance and data management strategy.

Vaultastic mimics your organization’s hierarchical structure by defining user-level retention policies and supporting a differential authorized access policy for the accumulated email data.

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Increasing Data Accessibility and Availability with cloud email archiving

A durable, centralized, search-ready archive is key to making data accessible from anywhere, at any time, by anyone.

Vaultastic is a cloud email archiving platform leveraging elastic, durable cloud store objects to deliver a highly available service and extremely high data durability.

Vaultastic’s role-based self-service portal makes it easy to enable web-based access for all categories of users, thus improving accessibility and productivity.

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Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

Vaultastic - cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and for business-critical data to ensure business continuity & enable effective response to change

Storage Management for Optimizing Costs

Better management of data preservation and retention can slow down rapidly growing email storage costs.

Most cloud email services provide sufficiently large mailboxes, which are suitable to start with, but they soon fill up.

To counteract this storage overflow, organizations need to either purchase a higher plan with additional storage or clean up individual email stores – a task that can take away many productive hours.

Using the hierarchical storage capability of Vaultastic, you can quickly move the less frequently accessed data to low-cost stores and retrieve them on-demand, saving 30-60% on your storage costs.

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Discovery and Reuse of Digital Assets

Centralized archives with e-discovery capabilities can unlock valuable data assets trapped in individual email boxes

A central, search-ready repository for email can help you discover helpful information on-demand, thus leveraging the trapped value in email data.

Any piece of information is discovered instantly with Vaultastic’s e-discovery. And, save frequently used queries to uncover updated information with a single click later.

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Supervision, OverSight, and Continuity of Activities

Centralized cloud email archiving enables supervisory access and control.

Vaultastics supervisory access to the archival store provides search across multiple vaults to support audits and compliance checks that help maintain oversight over the quality of work and adherence to company policies by any group of employees.

This function is essential during role transition when employees leave the organization, and their activities need to be continued by a successor.

Learn more about a smart way to monitor team email communications (not using auto-bcc).

Readiness for Data Related Regulatory Compliance

Cloud email archiving provides an excellent platform for compliance readiness

With more industry segments getting covered under regulations, it is vital to have a scalable way to safeguard email data and keep it compliance-ready, available on-demand easily and quickly.

With immutable stores, fast e-discovery, and simple data extraction, Vaultastic cloud email archiving can reduce compliance-related concerns.

Vaultastic can also ease the burden of adhering to your industry regulations and cybersecurity guidelines, comply with applicable privacy and data residency laws and help accurately respond to data access requests for litigation, audits, and reviews.

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Audit and Compliance Investigation Support

Reports, dashboards, and stored queries make the task of audits and investigations easier

Multiple features such as e-discovery, saved queries to enable one-click scans of the archive, sharing discovered email, export/extraction of select emails, activity reports, dashboards, and more considerably ease audit and compliance-related investigations.

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Compliance Workflow Management and Collaboration

A collaborative digital platform can better support a Compliance workflow

Vaultastic, in combination with tools like Ideolve, can provide a collaborative platform for managing the Compliance Workflow. Suspect email messages discovered via running stored queries or e-discovery searches can be shared over Ideolve with the compliance team to examine such messages and work out remedial measures.

System Performance Optimisation

Hierarchical storage can reverse the degradation of system performance resulting from stuffed mailboxes

The increasing volume of email messages is leading to bloated mailboxes, resulting in slower and longer email client syncs, negatively impacting the performance of devices and mail servers, while users struggle to manage and maintain their inboxes to retain important messages.

Vaultastic’s cloud email archiving platform supports a hierarchical storage architecture enabling the organization to achieve leaner active mailboxes, pushing up performance and improving productivity.

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A common thread in all the fourteen use-cases is the need to protect data, manage it and leverage it to solve specific problems.

Given that 80% of the world’s data is unstructured, and email carries a bulk of this, and 70% of critical business data is in email, it makes an excellent case for email data protection as the critical path of an organization’s data management strategy.

Vaultastic, a cloud-native data management platform powered by AWS, provides rock-solid data security and durability along with necessary tools to enable all and more of the use cases mentioned.

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How Vaultastic caters to situations needing superior data management initiatives.

Why Vaultastic’ cloud email archiving platform


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The key feature is its cross-platform archival capability, automatic storage management, atomised discovery, and activation. Delivering cost savings of up to 60% on data management costs.
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