Four Vaultastic Productivity updates: Faster Open Store search, Quicker Ediscovery, Prioritized Exports + other updates.

The last four releases of Vaultastic focus on improving the productivity of your IT Team and users as they manage and find data on Vaultastic. Read on. In-built Search Interface to boost productivity Background The Vaultastic Open store typically stores compressed packages of email (PST or EML files) and file data (documents, spreadsheets, presentations,[…]

Vaultastic’s Google Drive Backup service

The Importance of Data Retention in GDPR Compliance

In the aftermath of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect on May 25, 2018, data management has been a top priority for businesses.  If you’ve been monitoring GDPR compliance updates as they unfold, you know that data is at the center of everything.  What does data retention have to do with the[…]

Vaultastic’s Google Drive Backup service

[Announcement] Vaultastic’s reliable Google Drive Backup protects your critical Digital Assets.

Backup Google Drive data in the cloud and restore any file on demand. Background: While Google Workspace is a great workplace productivity platform for businesses, your Google Drive (GDrive) carries critical business digital assets created using all of the Google Apps.  With more remotely working employees, enterprises are relying on productivity applications like google workspace,[…]

Digital Asset Management Solutions

What is Digital Asset Management and Why It is Important?

The term “digital transformation” has become increasingly commonplace in recent years. With lockdowns in place, many people and organizations have had to rely on digital technologies for various aspects of their daily lives. These technologies have become essential, with global spending on digital transformation estimated to reach $6 trillion by 2023. And as the world[…]

Vaultastic release

Vaultastic released: Gain visibility into administration activity and more secure access roles.

  Background Vaultastic simplifies data management by merging current/active email and historical data archives into a single cloud repository, tiered across Vaultastic’s Active and Open Store, to optimize costs and enhance data security. You can define multiple administrators for Vaultastic with varying roles and access levels. To help you manage your team of administrators/operators, we’ve[…]

Cloud Data Migration Challenges resolved with Vaultastic

7 Data Migration Challenges and Modern Solutions for Successful Implementation

  The cloud industry was growing steadily, and most experts predicted that the cloud would become the primary method of storage and computing within a few years. This transition came sooner than expected in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to shutter their brick-and-mortar locations and move online. The migration to the cloud has[…]

Five Popular Data Protection Strategies – How to choose?

Five Popular Data Protection Strategies – How to choose?

Growing usage of email for business communication, increasingly stricter regulatory norms, and laws mandate the long-term retention of email data. An inadequate data protection strategy and infrastructure can lead to data loss, severely impacting business continuity. IT Teams are often called upon to recover specific email data to cater to a data loss request or[…]

Vaultastic’s Google Workspace add-on to manage storage

Vaultastic’s innovative Google Workspace add-on limits active mailbox usage to 30GB.

The new pricing model of Google Workspace has done away with the addon 100Gb option for specific mailboxes and the ability to upgrade plans for a subset of users.  Now all users = single plan.  This change may not be cost-optimal if your users have different usage and storage needs. Not surprisingly, managing storage growth[…]

Email Archiving 101 – A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

Email Archiving 101 – A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

This guide is aimed at giving you a complete end-to-end understanding of- The fundamentals of email archiving The various architectures possible The core reasons why you should archive email What you should consider while choosing a platform and What are the best practices for using an email archiving platform. Email archiving at a glance Email[…]

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