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How to Protect Your Cloud Data from Hackers: 6 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe

With 67% of enterprise infrastructure moving to the cloud, you can safely assume that the age of the cloud is finally here. This number will only get higher, and large and small enterprises will soon store their data on cloud platforms.  However, cloud data protection is still evolving as new threats emerge. Cyber-attacks continue to[…]

Why is email archiving necessary

Why is email archiving necessary

A central, search-ready repository of email ensures on-demand access and helps you unlock the power of your information. 60% of business-critical information is stored exclusively in email – IDC This statistic makes it vital for your organization to have an email archiving strategy to ensure the long-term preservation of email data. Availability of tools to[…]

Multi-Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud: The Future of Data Management

Multi-Cloud Vs Hybrid Cloud: The Future of Data Management

Businesses are looking for more innovative, effective ways of investing in data management solutions. Cloud service providers offer numerous ways to ensure secure and efficient ways of managing data, but clients are often confused with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud offerings.  This article will discuss critical definitions and differences between hybrid and multi-cloud to help you[…]

The Necessity of Email Archiving for the Financial & Banking Industry - Top 7 Advantages

The Necessity of Email Archiving for the Financial & Banking Industry – Top 7 Advantages

In July 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act came into being in the United States of America. What happens in the USA becomes a blueprint for other countries and markets to follow. This act came into being in response to the 2008 financial crisis. The crisis forced industries to act following laws,[…]

4 Reasons Why Email Journaling is Necessary for Your Enterprise

4 Reasons Why Email Journaling is Necessary for Your Enterprise

Email as a form of communication is only increasing. Just last year, in 2020, 306.4 billion emails were sent, and this number will reach a staggering 376.4 billion in 2025. A massive chunk of this number is business emails.  Email journaling is one of the ways for organizations to overcome the enormous challenge of tracking all email[…]

8 Ways where Cloud Archival is the Best Defence Against Data Security Breaches

8 Ways where Cloud Archival is the Best Defence Against Data Security Breaches

In recent years, data breaches have become one of the most common cybersecurity risks. Any breach in cyber security could compromise your business-critical data, exposing your organization to risks. Securing your critical data across multiple layers is a complex and expensive task. You need to invest heavily in expertise, infrastructure, and specialized software. Even highly sophisticated secure[…]

How Archiving Shields Data from Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Cybercrime costs the world $6 trillion as per 2022 estimates. That’s more money than the GDP of a few countries. Organizations must step up cybersecurity measures to protect their business-critical data, which could be critical to their survival.  43% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses, and even a single attack can cause have devastating effects. According[…]

What is Data Agility & Why It is Important for an Enterprise?

What would happen if you were stranded at sea? The first thing that would affect you is dehydration because seawater is undrinkable. All that water, and you cannot even take a sip.  A similar situation is prevalent with big data and enterprises.  There’s a lot of data available in today’s environment, but very little of[…]

What is Cloud-based data management

What is Cloud-Based Data Management

Data is the driving force behind all modern organizations. Today, data drives every critical business decision, increasing its accuracy and amplifying its’ impact. Therefore, data has become an indispensable, valuable resource that needs better management. The unprecedented levels of data generation make it hard for legacy technologies to keep pace. Cloud technology excels in managing[…]

Email Data Retention Policies for Businesses/Corporate – 7 Best Practices for Compliance Readiness & Cost Optimization

Emails hold legal importance since they are the primary form of communication and data transfer in the business world. And emails are electronic evidence in court disputes.  Some governing and regulatory bodies also require your business to retain emails for long periods.  Therefore, creating an email retention policy has become essential for all businesses, irrespective[…]

Five email and data archiving strategies for risk mitigation and productivity

Top Data/Email Archiving Strategies and Techniques for Risk Mitigation & Productivity

The value of data continues to grow as all-around digitization progresses. In 2020, a report published by Micro Strategy stated that 94% of enterprises believe data is essential for future growth. Emails are a critical, indispensable part of communication, and they hold an abundance of data within them in the form of classified communication and attachments. And[…]

Data Resiliency Solutions for Financial services | Vaultastic

Data Resiliency Solutions for Financial services

Problem statements of FS organisations: Is preserving large volumes of data, long-term, becoming expensive for your organization? Is the preparation for litigation, early-case assessment, and investigations a recurrent challenge for your organization? Are you wondering how to securely preserve ex-employee data, which may be required anytime in the future for investigations? Is your data admissible[…]

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