Vaultastic – Cloud Email Data Protection and Management powered by AWS

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Vaultastic – Cloud Email Data Protection and Management powered by AWS

Traditional Data Protection methods are Unproductive & Expensive

In a fast-digitizing world, Email carries a bulk of the unstructured data and a significant portion of an enterprise’s business-critical & sensitive information.

Businesses have no option but to preserve email data to meet regulatory compliance and adhere to local data protection laws.

However, due to the high Volume, Variety, and Velocity of email data, traditional preservation methods create fragmented data lakes that are insecure and risky.

Besides having a very high cost of maintenance and refresh.

The Solution: Centralized Cloud Email Data Management by Mithi in collaboration with AWS.

Mithi delivers simplified Email Data Protection and Management for the cloud era.

Mithi’s Vaultastic is a cloud-native platform built on AWS and can ingest email data from various email solutions and legacy data sources into a central repository. SaaS tools for discovery, governance and extraction dramatically increase visibility and availability of business-critical email data while reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of managing and protecting it.

The Vaultastic SaaS supports Governance, Data preservation, Compliance, Storage management, legacy data protection, and other use cases, backed by complete life cycle services and a flexible pricing model.

Vaultastic delivers on the expectations of all stakeholders across the organization.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Why Mithi collaborating with AWS is better together

Vaultastic, a cloud-native data management platform, builds on AWS’s scalability, security, and reliability to help customers centrally preserve and manage large volumes of email data with ease and optimal costs.

Using more than 50 AWS services, the Vaultastic team has engineered high-quality user experiences to ease the challenges of protecting, governing, discovering, and extracting email data over the complete data life cycle.

All this at a 30% lower TCO in comparison to traditional methods.


Hierarchical Storage

Vaultastic can split data across an Active (hot) store for frequent access use cases and an Open (cold) Store for aging, infrequently used data, thereby supporting cost-optimal data protection across the complete data lifecycle.

Vaultastic leverages AWS S3 for these stores with the option to bring in Glacier for petabyte-scale protection at further compressed costs.

Intuitive Discovery, Governance, Extraction, and Migration tools make it seamless to work with both stores.

E-discovery & Extraction

Since the Active (hot) store of Vaultastic is indexed & search-ready, the Ediscovery application of Vaultastic supports deep searches using a combination of mail attributes, keywords, and date ranges.

The query formation supports Boolean logic to sharply focus on finding what matters from tons of email data.

And you can save frequently used queries to bump productivity.

Easily export search results or the entire vault to quickly respond to data access requests or to handle data loss cases.


Vaultastic is designed to reduce data-related Risks, improve compliance readiness, optimize storage costs, and leverage critical data assets to gain productivity.

Cost Optimization

Hierarchical storage, pay per use, de-duplication are some ways in which Vaultastic delivers up to 60% savings.

Risk Mitigation

Multi-layered security, extreme data durability, adherence to regulatory guidelines, are some ways in which Vaultastic reduces risks

Improved Agility

Autoscale, multi-level ediscovery, data portability, Integrations, Automations are some of the ways you can gain agility with Vaultastic.

Productivity Boost

Automated migrations, user self-service, fast discovery, reusable queries are some ways in which Vaultastic jumps your productivity.

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