Customer Success first – 150+ updates on Mithi’s cloud platforms in 2020-21 (despite the pandemic)

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Customer Success first

The FY year 2020-21 was a tough one for most businesses due to the significant upheaval caused by the pandemic. And we are not out of the woods yet.

And it was not any different for Mithi. We took this as an opportunity to realign teams, realign our development focus while adjusting to the new normal of working from home.

Thus, despite the disruptions brought by the pandemic, we stuck to our critical path of delivering increasing value to our customers.

This decision paid off – we not just maintained a customer retention rate of 98%+ and grew our customer base while delivering more than 150 updates and a major release on our cloud services.

Hence, we are super excited to present a summary of all the improvements, new releases, and security updates done in in the FY 2020-21 on Mithi’s cloud platform and applications:

Initiatives driving Customer Success

Major release: Vaultastic Version 4

Limitless Scalability We introduced a revamped and simplified elastic storage backend delivering massive scale in handling vast volumes of data and a high velocity of ingestion. In addition, the individual vaults have no limits on size.
2-3x Performance A faster throughput on mail ingestion, a near-instant ediscovery response, and a highly responsive self-service portal are key performance improvements. In addition, customers have reported a 2x jump in ediscovery speeds.
@47% storage optimization A robust de-duplication algorithm can optimize about 47% storage, leading to direct storage cost savings.
40-50%+ cost optimization We introduced a unique hierarchical storage solution to push aging infrequently used data into the Open (cold) Store to optimize costs.
Build new experiences and cover more use cases New updated APIs for mail ingestion, search results, mail extraction, and more
Vaultastic V4 – major thrust on Scalability, Cost Optimization, and Data Agility

Most of our customers already use the new version.
Learn more about the differences between Vaultastic V3 and V4


Higher Performance = Higher Customer Success

2x jump in ediscovery/search performance The new limitless storage and index architecture deliver high search performance, no matter how old the data. Learn more about how to search across vaults.
Limitless note size with no drop in performance An all-new Ideolve architecture allows for super long notes & comments, capturing input from team members over extended periods, without any lag or drop in performance when accessing older portions of the note.
Scalable, hands-free migrations The Legacyflo architecture is upscaled to allow massive parallelization in migration jobs to enable high-volume data movement in the shortest possible time. E.g., a 50TB data migration from G Suite to Vaultastic took less than eight days over the wire.


Tighter Security

File Sharing security controls Share notes/files via Ideolve securely by deploying security controls such as – allow download, allow copy/paste of content, and more. This enhanced security allows you to safely share content for viewing only and retract it once done (not possible when you use email to share content)
DLP Data leak prevention controls on the Inbound and outbound mail path to intercept emails matching pre-defined templated patterns such as PAN, Credit card, Aadhar, etc., or custom patterns to suit the organization’s needs.
Safe URLs with TOC (Time of Click) protection If enabled, all URLs in emails are rewritten to land into a sandbox if clicked. The security solution then scans the responses from the clicked URL to ensure that there is no suspicious or malware content before being transmitted to the receiver.
Enterprise access controls for workspaces in Ideolve To support team collaboration in a secure corporate environment, Ideolve now has multi-level security controls going from Organisation to the workspace to individual users.
Mobile app block for Ideolve We introduced a security policy to block users from accessing Ideolve over the mobile app.

More Integrations

High volume mail ingestion with API Vaultastic can now ingest mail over API in addition to SMTP, bypassing any email platform-related limits on forwarding or sending an email.
New experiences using Zapier integrations for Ideolve Ideolve can now integrate with a wide variety of workplace collaboration and Form tools such as G Suite, O 365, and more, via Zaps to set up automatic workflows for creating, editing, and classifying content within Ideolve. These can develop exciting apps for recruitment, data entry, or email backup, and more. Learn more about Ideolve Integrations.
Integration with ZOHO CRM Extends your ZOHO CRM usage with a team collaboration piece to allow deeper backend discussion and maintenance of records on cases, deals, campaigns, and more.
Leverage Team collaboration using API Ideolve published APIs to enable the integration of collaboration elements with business workflows.

40-50% Cost Optimization

Vaultastic Open Store App to optimize 40-50%+ costs of data protection Aging and infrequently accessed data can be moved to the Vaultastic Open Store for long-term preservation at compressed costs.
50% cost optimization with Pay-per-use To help customers align their bills to their actual usage, we introduced the pay-as-you-go model of billing. Metered daily, billed monthly in arrears, this model can optimize up to 50% costs annually.
Flexible contracts to reduce payments for unused resources Pre-purchase quantities for known workloads to benefit commercially from paying upfront. And maintain the flexibility to consume additional resources mid-contract and pay pro-rata for the excess usage monthly in arrears. Learn more.

Superior UX to drive increased customer success

All new Vaultastic Application The self-service application of Vaultastic is easier and more responsive.
Baya 4, integrated, responsive web access Baya had a major upgrade with the version 4 release. Responsive, Faster, and more secure. During the Pandemic, Baya4’s usage soared from 60% to nearly 90% on our cloud platform. 
Easier collaboration with the new Ideolve App Global shared tags to mark useful information for retrieval by any member of the team, more straightforward navigation of mentions, notifications, notes, and contextual messages are some of the many enhancements in Ideolve to ease team collaboration.
More power to customers with easier account management The Mithi Customer portal now supports multiple contact types, shows all invoices, accepts payment information to facilitate quick payment updates, and allows customers to manage their license, thus speeding up response.
File consolidated view in Ideolve A new file view pulls together all files from the note and comments and shows them sorted on the author, date, etc., to help you quickly locate information assets.
Backend automation to smoothen the customer engagement flows We have automated critical high traffic areas of the system of business such as billing, deployment to smoothen the experience for our customers.

The road ahead

We are not slowing down on our initiative to drive customer success. This year too, we have some fascinating releases lined up along the dimensions mentioned above. We would be looking at how we can deliver more agility, more security, more choice, and a superior UX while keeping costs under control for you. Stay tuned to receive updates.

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