[Announcement] Vaultastic’s reliable Google Drive Backup protects your critical Digital Assets.

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Vaultastic’s Google Drive Backup service

Backup Google Drive data in the cloud and restore any file on demand.


While Google Workspace is a great workplace productivity platform for businesses, your Google Drive (GDrive) carries critical business digital assets created using all of the Google Apps. 

With more remotely working employees, enterprises are relying on productivity applications like google workspace, and a complete Google drive back up is vital for them.

GDrive data is prone to hackers, malware, tampering, and accidental and intentional deletion, putting the business at grave risk. 

Unfortunately, businesses may ignore a Google drive backup due to the lack of an easy tool and the myth that the Google drive data is safe since it’s on the cloud.

How to backup Google drive information securely?

We just made your life easier and more secure.

We are happy to announce the latest release of LegacyFlo that can backup Google drive data of any user to the Vaultastic Open Store.

  • Backup complete copies of Google Drive files to an AWS S3 bucket in your account or
  • Backup Gdrive data to Vaultastic’s Open store for secure, long-term preservation.

You can take complete or incremental backups. Learn more.

As with all the migration and backup services supported by the integrated Legacyflo platform, you can gain visibility and manage all your Google Drive backup jobs from the same single unified management console you use for your other services. 

Businesses using Google Workspace in multiple regions can comply with any data residency regulations and still manage all backup and recovery from a single console.

How Vaultastic’s Google Drive Backup tool works:

Extending Vaultastic to support a Google Drive archive was a natural extension as an additional data type for Vaultastic’s open architecture and Open Store. Vaultastic is already the leader in archiving email data from a wide range of cloud and on-premises email solutions. 

Vaultastic integrates with Legacyflo to provide BaaS (Backup as a Service) that helps you seamlessly archive business-critical files from your key google drive accounts and protect them from loss or threat.

Learn more about Legacyflo support for Google Drive back up here. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, answers, or a demo. 

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