How to prevent vendor lock-in while using cloud email services

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Vaultatsic can help avoid vendor lock-in while using cloud email services

This article discusses one strategy to reduce the risk of vendor lock-in while using cloud email services.

With any email solution you use, may it be MS 365, Google Workspace, hosted MS Exchange, Zimbra, Cpanel, etc., you collect vast amounts of legacy data in the mailboxes and PST/EML offline file backups.

With email carrying a bulk of the business-critical data and the volume of email growing exponentially, preserving emails long-term in the primary mailboxes or as a backup in the same solution could be a risky proposition.

How a cloud vendor lock-in happens

Limits on these cloud email solutions typically prevent or slow down large-scale data export, in effect causing a data or vendor lock-in scenario. This data lock-in leads to a loss of control over your data, leading to a lack of flexibility and choice.

With the throttles deployed on most of these solutions, it may take you weeks, if not months, to download anything above 1 or 2 TBs of data.

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A simple solution for vendor lock-in

Make use of multi-cloud to create a separate centralized repository of all your past, present, and future emails, thus freeing you from the need to extract data from your mailing solution.

You can do this by enabling journaling on your email service to archive a copy of all your email data to an independent, neutral repository like Vaultastic, which stores your data in portable formats and supports a friendly data-exit policy.

And use a migration tool like Legacyflo to copy historical data from mailboxes and data files into the central repository to achieve a unified view of all your emails.

Vaultastic makes a “custodian promise”, provides a rich set of cloud services for discovery and extraction, and can even deliver all your data on a physical medium if ever required.

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Learn how a BFSI customer escaped vendor lock-in with Vaultastic

“The archival was always an issue in an on-prem solution. Compliance & Risk departments always wanted a quick retrieval of archived email which we are now able to deliver on time.” – EVP & CTO of a financial services company 

(read the story and review on Gartner Peer Insights)

Explore more business-critical use cases supported by Vaultastic. You’ll be surprised at how Vaultastic SaaS can save so much time and effort.

Start your 30-day free trial of Vaultastic today and learn how a discoverable central archive can help you unlock your information’s value. 

Vaultastic enables organizations of any size to centralize their email data protection and management, gain from on-demand data availability and optimize costs along multiple dimensions to achieve a substantially low TCO.

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