Two Manufacturing Companies Discover Productivity Benefits Of Cloud Email Archiving

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Two Manufacturing Companies Discover Productivity Benefits Of Cloud Email Archiving

Manufacturing companies in India are turning towards cloud email archiving as an effective and elastic solution to store their emails safely for the long term, in order to quickly retrieve and analyze information, allowing them to derive insights, and be ready for regulation compliance, without having to invest in resources to manage and maintain in-house setups.

Two notable manufacturing companies based in Pune include ISMT Limited (the largest integrated specialized seamless tube manufacturer in India) and Sharada Industries (an Indian manufacturing company supplying over 700 part numbers and assemblies to OEM’s).

Traditionally, most manufacturing companies, back up and store email on-premise. Backups only make a copy of the live data to an inactive store on-premise, which results in doubling the store consumption with an additional overhead to manage this extra storage, but with no real value being derived. There is not much that the IT Team can do in terms of data search or retrieval with the backup store since it’s not live.

Power outages are a big problem that most manufacturing companies in India face. As a backup is only a snapshot of the current state of the mail store, often there is a loss of critical information due to data corruption if there are power outages during backup runs.

Some other problems faced by Sharada Industries and ISMT Limited prior to shifting their email storage to the cloud included email server management and storage growth. Added to this was end user oversight resulting in accidental loss of emails and breaks in business continuity.

“When the company started backing up data, cloud seemed like an extremely expensive solution. We took up a NAS storage where we stored all emails exchanged across all users. However data backup was falling short on the servers. Within 3 years, emails had taken up 10 TB of space in the NAS Storage.” said Kanchan Pant, COO, Sharada Industries. View a video of Kanchan Pant’s Presentation

“The ISMT marketing team continuously travels all over the world handling export customers. While traveling for work, the laptop of one of our employee’s got stolen. The user was unable to access the PowerPoint presentation stored in the email. We observed numerous situations such as this one and found it necessary to have a cloud backup solution that was in real time, allowing business continuity”. Atul Kirane, Vice President-Systems, ISMT Limited. View a video of Atul Kirane’s Presentation

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

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With the introduction of a cloud email archiving system, both firms have achieved better infrastructure management with reduced cost. Both companies are now able to quickly retrieve and restore emails to all the users. Being on the cloud, the firms achieve a guarantee of better security from any loss of mail due to in-house power outages.

“We turned to Vaultastic to solve our problems, which has fit perfectly into our requirement, as an efficient and cost effective solution. It has reduced our IT spend by 0.7 million rupees. We are freed from worrying about data loss, virus attacks, hardware and software upgrades, allowing us to focus more on our core competencies.” Kanchan Pant, COO, Sharada Industries.

“We were previously using an on-premise email archiving solution. But with the high maintenance and running costs involved, we started looking for cloud email archiving options. After opting for a 30 day free trial of Vaultastic, we found the whole system to be very easy to use and hassle free. So we decided to go with Vaultastic. With the convenience provided wherein every user is provided with separate login to access their individual account, it will save us a lot of time searching through archived emails without bothering the IT team.” Atul Kirane, Vice President-Systems, ISMT Limited.

About Vaultastic:

Vaultastic is a cloud email archiving solution providing Archival, Compliance, Ediscovery & Backup automation. The solution can archive mail seamlessly from G Suite, Office 365, Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Notes (Lotus Notes), cPanel, MailEnable, Postmaster and other email solutions. Vaultastic is served from the AWS cloud and provides a data durability of 99.99999999999%.

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