Optimize costs and spend with the new Pay per use billing model from Mithi

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Optimize costs and spend with the new Pay per use billing model from Mithi

Typically SaaS pricing plans are in the form of an upfront purchase based on the estimated usage for the year.

However, it may not always be possible to accurately estimate your usage for a year, in advance. Hence, mid-term, you may exhaust the resources that you had purchased upfront and would need a top-up or you may hit the year-end with unused (but paid for) resources

The new Pay per use model from Mithi helps you accurately track your usage and pay accordingly.

How does the pay per use model work?

In the Pay per use model, you don’t pre-order any resources. You simply start using any or all our services.

Purchasing blocks of resources for a year or more, remains as an option for you, with resultant savings in applicable rates. This would work to your advantage if you are confident of consuming these quantities during the period. 

In the pay per use model, your usage is tracked and recorded daily using a metered billing system.

Metered Billing

Your usage of our services could increase, decrease or change by way of:

  • Number of users/mailboxes
  • Storage
  • Moving users between service plans
  • Using transactional services such as migration of data, and
  • Use of services such as training, onboarding, etc.

This consumption data, recorded daily by the metered billing system, is used to generate an aggregate bill at the end of the calendar month. Any pre-purchased and prepaid resources blocks are adjusted in this monthly bill.

The daily measurement of your usage ensures an accurate measurement of the changes in your usage pattern when generating your monthly bills.

Top Benefits of the pay per use model

  • Metered billing to ensure you pay only for what you use within the month
  • Monthly in Arrears billing
  • Aligns to a calendar month to simplify billing and account management
  • Easily mix upfront purchase of blocks of service with the Pay per use model to gain the advantage of a better price while allowing for change. You can add and delete users, grow and shrink storage, and move users between plans as you go.


The new Pay per use model retains the cost benefits of annual or multi-year purchase contracts while bringing in the flexibility to adjust for the changes at a micro level, ensuring that you both optimize cost and match the spend accurately to your usage.

Is Pay per use right for your organisation?

Allow us to help you decide.

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