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Protecting corporate data after an employee leaves can be futile, expensive and risky. Vaultastic's automatic cloud data archiving proactively protects corporate data assets before an employee leaves.

Vaultastic’s scalability and flexibility allow you to store and manage large amounts of critical corporate data at highly optimised costs as your data grows.

Why should you preserve the corporate data assets in former employees' control?

One set of reasons is compliance, Litigation, Knowledge reuse, and support for a smooth Role Transition to successors. The other is that when employees leave a company (voluntarily or otherwise), it is common for them to take away sensitive and confidential data and delete some critical data. Either way, long-term corporate data retention can substantially reduce your organization's risk.

Problems related to protecting corporate data used by former employees

Essentially there are three key concern areas:
  • Ensuring that you safeguard all corporate data assets used and controlled by former employees.
  • Ensuring that employees do not carry confidential information when they leave the company.
  • Once an employee leaves, access to corporate systems and data is disabled.
Protecting Corporate Data that was in control of Former employees | Vaultastic

Typical challenges with traditional methods of protecting corporate data accessed by former employees

Our conversations with hundreds of decision-makers suggest that:

Unnecessary cost

Leaving mailboxes and drive accounts of ex-employees disabled on the Primary mail/workplace productivity solution is a standard method but an unnecessary cost.

Risky and unwieldy for search and access

And storing raw data locally or on the cloud or endpoints fragments data and can be risky (since it's not tamper-proof) and unwieldy for search and access.

Limiting and expensive

Using native archiving cloud solutions can be limiting and expensive.

Reactive approach is futile

A reactive approach is futile. Attempting to recover corporate data when an employee is about to leave does not guarantee that all information in the control of the employee is available.
Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

Vaultastic - centralized, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and agility for business-critical data to ensure business continuity and manage compliance and change

Proactively preserve corporate data assets from former employees easily and cost-effectively through a unified and automatic cloud archive of emails and files. Centralization ensures control and security.

Optimize up to 60% of costs

Vaultastic, a SaaS, agile data management platform built on the AWS cloud, uses a unique storage tiering architecture combined with deduplication to optimize up to 60% of costs even as your storage grows.

Resilient migration tools

In-built, resilient migration tools supporting various data formats and sources, including Google Drive and OneDrive, can help reduce the challenges of importing large volumes of legacy email and file data from the traditional storage and archive environments on-premises & on the cloud.

Automatic data ingestion

Vaultastic’s automatic data ingestion mechanisms capture active data in real time to ensure 100% capture of all data generated.

Immutable data storage

Vaultatsic’s immutable data storage reduces compliance and regulatory risk with auditable chains of custody to serve as admissible electronic evidence in legal proceedings.

Quick discovery and extraction

Tools for quick discovery and extraction make access to legacy data easy.
About Vaultastic

Vaultastic’s groundbreaking information protection and data lifecycle management platform offers centralized archival & supervisory controls, quick discovery, and data activation for easing compliance management.

The key feature is its on-demand data management service, automatic storage management, atomized discovery, and activation, delivering cost savings of up to 60 percent over other methods.
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