Retrieve email data in bulk with Vaultastic and prevent vendor lock-in

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Retrieve email data in bulk with Vaultastic and prevent vendor lock-in

Whether it is to migrate email data to a new platform or respond to a heavy compliance request, attempting to retrieve email data in bulk from your email solutions like MS 365, Google workspace (formerly G Suite), hosted Microsoft Exchange, etc. is challenging since vast volumes of data accumulate in mailboxes, over time.

Why is it challenging to retrieve email data in bulk?

Limits on these cloud email solutions typically prevent or slow down large-scale data export, causing a vendor lock-in scenario.

This slow rate of retrieving email data equates to a loss of control over your data, leading to a lack of flexibility and choice.

How to retrieve email data in bulk using Vaultastic?

Vaultastic preserves your email data in a separate operational infrastructure and can even deliver all the data on a physical medium.

Vaultastic is a cloud email archiving platform that allows you ownership and complete control over your data with a firm and friendly data exit policy.

Vaultastic stores email data in portable, open formats.

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To retrieve email, users can simply access and search their archives using the deep ediscovery tools of Vaultastic.

Administrators and auditors can retrieve email using global ediscovery tools or export entire vaults of selected users.

Learn more about retrieving email data from Vaultastic by downloading vault contents and ediscovery results

Please don’t take our word for it:

“The archival was always an issue in an on-prem solution. Compliance & Risk departments always wanted a quick retrieval of archived email which we are now able to deliver on time.”
– EVP & CTO of a financial services company the full review on Gartner Peer Insights)

You could also explore 14 more business-critical use cases supported by Vaultastic. You’ll be surprised at how Vaultastic SaaS can save so much time and effort.

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