Once G Suite free edition is gone, What happens to your data?

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Protect your corporate email data Vaultastic

Google recently announced that it would end support for the G Suite legacy free edition, and customers will have to subscribe to the paid plan to continue using Google services, starting May 1, 2022.

If you are currently using the G Suite legacy free edition, you have two options

  1. Upgrade to paid Google Workspace
  2. Migrate to another workplace productivity platform

It can be challenging, unproductive, and costly to migrate all your data from the G Suite legacy free edition to the new platform for option B.

However, studies suggest that email and messaging systems carry three-fourths of an organization’s intellectual property.

That means it’s vital to protect your corporate email data and not just send it to the trash. 

So what’s the best solution for Option B?

Migrate your email data from your G Suite legacy free edition to Vaultastic cloud archive

  • Migrate your email data from your G Suite legacy free edition account to an independent cloud archive like Vaultastic.
  • Start afresh or with minimal and recent legacy data on another email solution.
  • Setup journaling on the new email solution to continue backing up all the new emails into Vaultastic.

Vaultastic is now your central tamper-proof repository for all emails, old and new.

  • Your users can access historical email data using a self-service ediscovery console.
  • Your auditors can search across vaults to respond to data access requests.
  • Avoid vendor locking, stay compliant, and while saving up to 60% of data protection costs.


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