Easier Ediscovery, OneDrive Backup, O365 mailbox backup, Integrated UX + other Vaultastic Productivity Upgrades.

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Easier Ediscovery, OneDrive Backup, O365 mailbox backup, Integrated UX + other Vaultastic Productivity Upgrades.

The last eight releases of Vaultastic & Legacyflo focus on improving the productivity of your IT Team and users as they manage and find data on Vaultastic. Read on. The Search on the Vaultastic Active Store just got easier.

We’ve reduced the clicks/steps required to compose a search query. You no longer need to launch a separate query builder interface to define search elements like email IDs and keywords and their boolean operation (AND/OR). 

Instead, you can enter your individual components directly into the search form and specify the boolean operator from the same UI.

This vastly simplifies and speeds up the formation and editing of the queries during iterations to get more accurate results.

Now save these searches for single-click runs on-demand—more Productivity for you.


Seven Powerful Vaultastic Upgrades


Learn more about Ediscovery. & Extract, Import, and Move data through a unified UI in Vaultastic.

Vaultastic uses LegacyFlo to handle the platform's data import, export, and movement operations. 

Before this release, administrators had to access the LegacyFlo app separately and perform these functions. This added overhead in terms of time and effort. 

With this release, you can now access the power of LegacyFlo through Vaultastic’s user-friendly interface. Signing into Legacyflo is unnecessary to perform data movement operations. 

Locate, Select & Extract Files from one interface

Specifically, when locating and extracting data from the Vaultastic Open Store, you can select the required information from the content list and extract it without accessing the Legacyflo application.


Seven Powerful Vaultastic Upgrades


For example, suppose you need to find emails and Files related to a completed project from a few months ago. In that case, you can easily navigate to the Vaultastic Open Store, view the data files, and use the new search feature to narrow down the results. Now select the required information and click on the “Extract” button.


Seven Powerful Vaultastic Upgrades


Easily Track Data Movement requests.

Additionally, the LegacyFlo Request Dashboard allows domain admins to keep track of their data movement requests in real time. This eliminates the need to constantly check email notifications or log in to LegacyFlo to check the status of requests. The dashboard lists all data movement requests, including their current situation and relevant details such as request ID, submission date, and the volume of data to be extracted. 

Import data into Open Store without using Legacyflo separately.

Previously, to upload data from mailboxes or drives or extract data from compressed files, Vaultastic administrators had to log in to LegacyFlo and submit requests to copy or extract the data. This new release in Vaultastic simplifies the upload and data operations on the Vaultastic Open Store with tighter integration with LegacyFlo.

Vaultastic administrators can now register the access credentials for Google Workspace and M365 and submit requests to upload data from M365 mailboxes, OneDrive, Gmail mailboxes, or GDrive with the Open Store interface eliminating the need to log into LegacyFlo separately.


Seven Powerful Vaultastic Upgrades


The Open Store Audit Trails dashboard has been updated to allow users to select an entire month using the date selector. All the requests of the selected type fired in the selected month will be displayed. This provides a more efficient way to review the audit trails of the Open Store Application.

More flexibility while uploading data from the Decktop

The Open Store desktop file uploader has also been improved to allow uploads of larger files and removed the limitation of completing a file upload within one hour. This allows for more flexibility when uploading data to the Open Store.

This integration merges the Legacyflo operations into Vaultastic’s single pane of glass administration, delivering a more simplified and efficient experience for Vaultastic administrators.

Learn more about these operations here, here, and here. Copying email data from an Office 365 mailbox is now super easy.

Previously, copying data from an O365 mailbox could be a cumbersome and manual process that required using an email client such as Outlook to export data to a PST file and then manually transferring the file to the desired location. This could be challenging for users unfamiliar with the process or who do not have access to an email client.

Vaultastic has introduced a new feature that allows administrators to easily copy/export data from an Office 365 (M 365) mailbox to a PST file on either the Vaultastic Open Store or your own S3 bucket making it more user-friendly and convenient. Administrators can utilize the new request type “O365-S3-PST” to automatically copy data and securely store it in the desired location.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

Vaultastic - centralized, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and agility for business-critical data to ensure business continuity and manage compliance and change Efficiently view the contents of a PST file using a content list generated automatically.

Automatically generate the content list or metadata for all emails in a PST file, such as sender, recipient, subject, date, and other metadata. This can be useful for administrators or operators who need to search and identify specific emails within a PST file quickly.

This content list/metadata gives quick visibility into the contents of PST files without needing to download and connect the PST file to an email client, vastly improving the productivity of a discovery operation. OAuth integration for tighter security on data movement

OAuth is a secure authentication protocol that allows administrators/users to grant access to their data to third-party applications such as Vaultastic without revealing their login credentials. This update improves the security of the platform/application when accessing and managing email data.

The following requests have been updated to use the OAuth authentication method:

(a)    O365-O365-IMAP

(b)   GMAIL-O365-IMAP

(c)    O365-GMAIL-IMAP


(e)   and the O365-MITHI-IMAP Archive OneDrive file data to an independent infrastructure

This Vaultastic new release allows users to backup files from any user’s Microsoft 365 OneDrive account to either Vaultastic Open Store or an S3 bucket in their AWS account. This feature provides a convenient and consolidated way to back up OneDrive files to a desired storage location.

This new feature may be helpful for users who want to back up their OneDrive files for data protection, compliance, or other purposes. The ability to backup files from any user’s OneDrive account may also be helpful for administrators who need to manage backups for multiple users within an organization.

This feature allows you to take complete backups and then follow this with incremental backups to capture the difference. A Fresh(desk) approach in 2023

Now, Backup and Restore Freshdesk Solution articles to and from the Vaultastic Open Store or an S3 bucket in your AWS account. 

This feature provides a convenient and efficient way to restore Freshdesk Solution articles from a backup file.

This new feature may be helpful for users who need to recover lost or deleted Freshdesk Solution articles or who want to migrate their Freshdesk account to a new system.

With this updated version, the input parameters have been streamlined, allowing users to provide the necessary information, thus eliminating non-essential input easily. This can help to improve the overall user experience and make it easier for users to complete their tasks efficiently. LegacyFlo just got more secure

With this new update in LegacyFlo, users can now conveniently manage their secure access keys directly within the application interface. For instance, if a user wants to modify or add a secure access key to their M365 Outlook account, they can simply navigate to the settings menu within LegacyFlo and make the necessary changes. This makes it easier for users to control and maintain their data backups and migrations without navigating to multiple platforms or interfaces to manage their secure access keys.

Additionally, this update supports several different account types, including M365 Outlook, M365 OneDrive, Gmail, GDrive, and Freshdesk. This means that LegacyFlo users can manage secure access keys for multiple accounts within one platform, further streamlining the management process. Overall, this update is designed to simplify the management of secure access keys and improve the user experience for LegacyFlo users.

Learn more about these new releases here and here.

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