An intelligent way to watch team email communications (not using auto-bcc)

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An intelligent way to watch team email communications

The 3 V’s (volume, velocity, and variety) of today’s email communications are causing many organizations to struggle to meet their communications monitoring and compliance obligations.

Why monitor team email communications?

Oversight over email communications is crucial to mitigating conduct, reputational, and financial risks.


Compliance with corporate email communication standards:

Supervision can detect policy violations and help you take corrective actions to help mitigate these types of incidents. For example, you could monitor your organization’s emails for potential violations such as harassment, sentiment, ethics in employee communications.

Managing risk related to information leakage:

Email communications flowing through the corporate systems are the responsibility of the organization. A program to monitor email communication helps uncover legal and other risks before they cause damage to business reputation. For example, you could watch your organization’s emails for damaging communications related to confidential/classified projects such as upcoming price revisions, policy changes, reorganizations, and more.

Ensure regulatory compliance related to supervision and reporting of email communications:

Most modern organizations must comply with some regulations of their industry. Many of these regulations require organizations to implement some oversight process for emails as relevant to their industry. For example, you may need to monitor your organization’s emails to detect insider trading, corruption, financial fraud, etc. A program to supervise email communication can help you stay compliant with a process to monitor and report on corporate email communications.

Auto-bcc is the most popular method today to watch email communications:

If not using specialized compliance add-ons to your email solution, you may be mainly utilizing the (traditional) auto-bcc (big brother) feature to collect copies of team emails into specific supervision mailboxes and then scan through them.

Challenges with this approach:

  • Managing this ever-growing volume of email in non-scalable mailboxes.
  • Searching across multiple mailboxes is a significant effort.
  • Poor search tool performance as mailboxes grow out of proportion.
We’ve heard your concerns about simplifying and streamlining monitoring and compliance tools in the modern workplace.

An elegant solution to supervise email communications:

Archive emails into a secure, scalable cloud data management platform like Vaultastic.


Use the role-based deep ediscovery tool to allow department heads and auditors to supervise emails easily:

  1. Use boolean constructs for profound discovery.
  2. Save queries for single-click repeat runs.
  3. Share search results with experts for deeper review.
  4. Export results for offline analysis.

Vaultastic’s supervision tools for email communications are developed based on customer feedback and challenges with existing solutions. And these tools are ever-evolving.

See how Vaultastic works.

Besides oversight, Vaultastic provides rich tools to help solve modern data management challenges and in the process supports fourteen critical business uses of email archiving.

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