Vaultastic released: Gain visibility into administration activity and more secure access roles.

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Vaultastic release



Vaultastic simplifies data management by merging current/active email and historical data archives into a single cloud repository, tiered across Vaultastic’s Active and Open Store, to optimize costs and enhance data security.

You can define multiple administrators for Vaultastic with varying roles and access levels. To help you manage your team of administrators/operators, we’ve always had audit trails that record every activity performed by each administrator. 

To make this easier for you, we’ve exposed the audit trails via a dashboard and tightened up junior administrators’ roles to improve data security.

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Audit Trail dashboard

As part of our multi-layered security framework and to enable alignment with stringent cybersecurity guidelines, Vaultastic maintains audit trails of operations performed by your operations team. The audit trail system maintains logs that record all the functions performed by authenticated users who access or perform operations on your data in Vaultastic. Earlier you would need to request audit logs from our customer service team via our support desk. 

We are happy to introduce the first of several dashboards that will give you visibility into the activities performed by your operators.

In this release, we have introduced the Vaultastic Open Store Audit Trail dashboard, which will list all the deleted and download operations performed on the Vaultastic Open Store by any authenticated user on a particular day. The dashboard will display critical data such as the user who operated, the file’s name, size, the operation, and the timestamp.

Vaultastic release

More secure role definitions

We’ve updated the administrator roles in Vaultastic for enhanced data security. The vaultastic senior administrator can download and delete files from the Open Store. The delete operation is disabled for a junior administrator. The junior administrator can only download files.

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