Four Vaultastic Productivity updates: Faster Open Store search, Quicker Ediscovery, Prioritized Exports + other updates.

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Vaultastic Release - More productivity

The last four releases of Vaultastic focus on improving the productivity of your IT Team and users as they manage and find data on Vaultastic. Read on. In-built Search Interface to boost productivity


The Vaultastic Open store typically stores compressed packages of email (PST or EML files) and file data (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.). When you ingest this data on the Open store using LegacyFlo, a content-list file (CSV) is also associated with each package (data) file to enlist the package contents with crucial information.

E.g., will have an associated content list called john_july_2022_data.csv.

Until now, your IT team had to locate the package (zip/pst) file and its associated content-list (CSV) to find any specific email or file. They had to download the content list CSV file, open it using a spreadsheet, and search for information using the attributes (mail and file attributes like from, to, date, subject, file name, etc.).

Online interface speeds up the search

This multi-step search is now made much easier by giving a new tool in the Open Store application to view the contents of a package file directly in the interface, where you can browse and search for the required information.

Locate the CSV file corresponding to the package (zip/pst file) of interest to access this tool and click on the “eye” icon

Vaultastic Release - More productivity

This action will pop up a window in which you will be able to see the content list and also search through it.

Vaultastic Release - More productivity More productive UX for ediscovery

While performing searches on the Active store using the Ediscovery tool, this release ensures that the operator sees more results in one go, thereby reducing the time spent locating the required data. Prioritized Export Queue

The export engine of Vaultastic uses the Legacyflo system to convert archived data into the required portable formats. The export job requests were processed through a common queue of all legacyflo jobs. We have redesigned this to provide the export function of Vaultastic with a dedicated queue in Legacyflo. This is significantly speeding up the completion of the data export requests. Security controls for accessing the Open Store from other Applications

You can import/upload information to Vaultastic’s Open Store using third party apps like the S3 browser. For this, you need to authorize these apps to connect to the Open Store. A new security control allows you to easily switch on (and off) the access by third party apps

Learn more about these new releases here.

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