Cloud Email Archiving Solutions – Why Vaultastic

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 Cloud Email Archiving Solutions – Why Vaultastic

The cloud email archiving platform, Vaultastic, helps businesses centrally preserve, discover, and manage large volumes of email data with ease and considerable cost savings.


Optimize storage costs with Vaultastic cloud email archiving platform

Cloud Email Archiving solutions - How Vaultastic optimizes data management costs

Automatic Data Deduplication to eliminate wasteful storage consumption

A significant reduction of up to 47% in storage costs

Vaultastic, the cloud email archiving platform, automatically eliminates the redundant information from the ingested data, and stores references to the single copy, saving up to 47% in the data retention costs.

Leverage the data lifecycle to compress costs

The Vaultastic cloud email archiving platform optimizes costs along the data life cycle with hierarchical storage management.

Vaultastic includes an option for storing infrequently used data in a lower cost Open (cold) Store enabling customers to optimize their costs in line with their usage patterns and the complete data lifecycle.

Vaultastic also makes it easier to integrate the active and legacy mail content into a central, single repository to improve data visibility and knowledge reuse, reversing the evils of data fragmentation.

Automatic data movement between the Active and Open Store, deep discovery, and extraction tools help users rapidly locate and access required data.

Gain flexibility with Pay Per Use on the Vaultastic cloud email archiving platform

The pure consumption-based billing model helps optimize 17-30% costs over multiple years.

Vaultastic offers you a flexible pay-per-use approach for pricing the data management services. These services include storage services, access services, and migration services. With Vaultastic, you pay only for the individual services you need, for as long as you use them, without requiring long-term contracts or complex licensing.

Pay-Per-Use allows you to quickly adapt to changing business needs without upfront over or under-provisioning, thereby improving your responsiveness to changes. With a pay-as-you-go model, you can adjust based on your business needs and not on forecasts, enabling you to save up to 30% v/s provisioning upfront.

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Optimize Costs by managing your Rapidly growing email storage using Vaultastic


Mitigate Risks with cloud email archiving on Vaultastic

Mitigate Risks with cloud email archiving on Vaultastic

Multi-layered Security and Industry compliance

Vaultastic, the cloud email archiving platform, is secure by design and complies with industry-defined security standards.

Vaultastic builds on the AWS shared security model with stringent controls across multiple layers to achieve security “IN” the cloud.

Each layer builds on the defense of the layer below, making the combined security even more brutal to breach.

Periodic reviews of Vaultastic for compliance with stringent security guidelines by third parties such as CSA Star, AWS FTR, IRDAI, RBI, SEBI, and GDPR, ensure resilience.

Information on tap to reduce compliance risks

Vaultastic, the cloud email archiving platform, securely enables information retrieval on-demand.

Organizations would want their data to be secure and always available without the headaches of setting up and running a data management platform.

Vaultastic frees your team for other business initiatives by delivering a SaaS solution needing zero hardware, maintenance, or management.

Vaultastic provides commercially backed assurances on uptime, data durability, availability with inbuilt disaster recovery, thus ensuring that your data is always accessible and safe.

Supervise operations and team activities

Gain greater control from improved visibility of data and activities

Vaultastic supports critical ediscovery functions to enable supervisory controls on user vaults, improving real-time visibility of activities and information.

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Improve business agility with flexible data management

Improve business agility with cloud email archiving on Vaultastic.

Reduce resource management overhead with automatic scalability

How Vaultastic, the cloud email archiving platform, leverages the elastic cloud store to automate scale.

Modern businesses can generate terabytes of data year on year, which may need retention over several years.

Traditional methods of managing this large data volume can prove unwieldy and complex.

Vaultastic provides an easy way to move your active and legacy data into the cloud. The cloud archive can automatically stretch to accommodate growth in storage while keeping all the data online and search-ready

Multi-level deep ediscovery to unleash the power of your information

Individual, team, and organization-wide search levels enable powerful use-case to drive business response to market situations.

Data can give you a decisive advantage.

Most organizations are looking to empower their users to find and recover their email and enable their department managers to supervise the email of their teams while being ready for regulatory compliance.

Organizations now have more control over their email data.

Vaultastic supports role-based deep e-discovery with a defined hierarchy of individual, department, and organization-level discovery rights.

Saved frequently used searches locate data with a single click.

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Google Workspace

Vaultastic - centralized, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and agility for business-critical data to ensure business continuity and manage compliance and change

Data portability enables friction-free data movement

No data lock-in means easy movement of data In and Out of the archival store.

Vaultastic makes it easy to ingest data from multiple sources using journaling or API.

The data is stored in standard, portable formats by design to facilitate easy integration with other business systems and tools and support data migration with minimal effort.

Vaultastic provides multiple easy options to extract data from the archives, allowing export in PST or EML formats or bulk. You can even opt for the AWS snowball to facilitate physical data transfer for large data sizes.

From Managing Risks to Gaining Agility


Cloud email archiving with Vaultastic delivers a compelling ROI

Hierarchical storage, pay per use, de-duplication are ways in which Vaultastic delivers up to 60% savings.

Auto-scale, multi-level ediscovery, data portability, Integrations, Automations are some of the ways you can gain agility with Vaultastic.

Multi-layered security, extreme data durability, independent archival store, adherence to regulatory guidelines are how Vaultastic reduces risks.

Automated migrations, user self-service, fast discovery, reusable queries are how Vaultastic contributes to productivity gains.

References: How cloud data management with Vaultastic works

About Vaultastic

Vaultastic’s groundbreaking information protection and data lifecycle management platform offers centralized archival & supervisory controls, quick discovery, and data activation for easing compliance management.

The key feature is its on-demand data management service, automatic storage management, atomized discovery, and activation, delivering cost savings of up to 60 percent over other methods.
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