Cloud based Email Archiving with Vaultastic - Compliance Management, Litigation Readiness, Team Oversight, and 12 other data management uses cases.

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Cloud based email archiving with Vaultastic enables team supervision and at least another fourteen use cases to help you achieve your mission

The Need for email data protection

Data growth, more so unstructured data, is eternal. Consider these data points (varied sources):
  • 80% of the world's data is unstructured.
  • 70% of unstructured data is email.
  • 60% of email carries business-critical information.
  • Hence, protecting email is the critical path in your data management strategy and is no longer an option.

Cloud based email archiving does more than deliver agility to your business

Traditional Data Protection methods are Unproductive & Expensive

Due to the high Volume, Variety, and Velocity of email data, traditional preservation methods create fragmented data lakes that are insecure and risky.

Besides having a very high cost of maintenance and refresh.

There is hope!

The Solution: Centralized Cloud based Email Archiving by Mithi in collaboration with AWS

Centralizing the email archive on the cloud and making it discoverable can enable fourteen different use cases around your customer's email data to help them reduce risks, optimize costs and gain agility in their business:

  • Data Security, Durability
  • Reversing Data Fragmentation
  • Managing Legacy email data
  • Storage management
  • Supervision, Oversight

are some of the widespread use cases we encounter on an ongoing basis.

See which of these fourteen use cases is prevalent in your business.

Could you give Vaultastic a spin?

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