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Limitation of an In-Premise Archival Set-up
Limited Performance, Availability & Scalability
Poor Business Continuity
Lack of a strong availability posture, which includes redundancies, processes and a DR site, can result in frequent outages and disruptions.
Poor Scalability
On-premise & hosted systems typically lack the sophistication required to enable scalability for supporting organisational growth and shrinkage, without excessive effort.
Performance Degradation
Poorly engineered email archival solutions can create performance bottlenecks resulting in delayed mail extraction and inconsistent access speeds.
Lack of Dexterity to Accommodate New & Changing Business Needs
Inflexible Architecture
Rigid, hard wired configurations based on basic building blocks, create an architecture, which is not so elastic or malleable.
Risk of Vendor Lock in
The lack of a well defined data exit strategy and poor migration tools in most solutions pose a grave risk of being locked in with the vendor.
Rising Complexity & Costs
Upfront Capex combined with risings costs of hiring, retaining and training people to manage and maintain the complex setup, takes the organisation focus away from core business activities.
Advantages of Vaultastic Cloud Based Archival over InPremise Archival
Zero Hardware, Management and Maintenance
Vaultastic (Cloud Email Archival)
  • Zero Hardware, Management, Maintenance
  • Fully Managed Cloud SaaS, simply start using the service
  • Class leading AWS Infra with Built- in DR (Disaster Recovery)
  • 24/7*365 Support
  • Commercially backed SLA
On-Premise Email Archival
  • Huge CAPEX (capital expenditure) for Infrastructure (Server, storage, networking, etc.)
  • Additional CAPEX for a DR to ensure business continuity & data durability
  • Requires high management & maintenance
Guaranteed Performance, Availability, Data Durability & Scalability
Vaultastic (Cloud Email Archival)
  • Benefit from Guaranteed High Performance of AWS IaaS
  • Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9% with built-in DR
  • 99.99999999999% Data Durability Guarantee
  • High Scalability – Grow / Shrink as the business needs
  • Data Redundancies with built-in backup architecture to achieve an RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of near Zero
On-Premise Email Archival
  • Requires a reliable DR to achieve High Uptime
  • Requires redundancy in storage, strong frequent backups and sync to DR site to achieve High Data Durability, with an improved RPO
  • Scalability is not easy due to long procurement cycles and architecture rework
  • Needs upfront provisioning even for future workloads. Can get wasted if there is a downsize.
Meets Cyber Security Guidelines
Vaultastic (Cloud Email Archival)
  • Multi-layered Secured Infra from AWS with encryption at multiple levels
  • Resources secured at multiple layers with IAM, authorization, VPCs, WAFs, Firewalls, TLS and more
  • Encryption of data at rest, transit, access control and more
  • CSOC to monitor security and carry out periodic VAPTs to improve vigilance and resilience
  • Compliant with industry cyber security guidelines viz. RBI, SEBI, IRDAI
On-Premise Email Archival
  • Requires careful planning of the infra and application security
  • Data must be stored encrypted with controlled & limited access
  • Have to design and build in WAFs, Intrusion detection systems, Attack mitigation systems, TLS, etc.
  • Regular VAPT and other analysis needs to be done to ensure hygiene
Compelling Saving over InPremise Archival
Compelling Saving over InPremise Archival
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