Is your data security management up to the challenge?

While cloud solutions are the norm today, security challenges are on the rise. Cybercriminals use sophisticated techniques to breach enterprise data security solutions and gain unauthorized access.

Vaultastic's secure data solutions: A behind-the-scenes look

Vaultastic provides a comprehensive cloud security framework beyond just configuring cloud security settings. It ensures uninterrupted monitoring and closed-loop feedback for long-term mitigation of security risks.
Vaultastic Solutions

Multilayered Architecture

Vaultastic leverages the industry-leading AWS cloud for hosting its solutions. While AWS guarantees cloud infrastructure security, Vaultastic builds on this by securing every component up to the network, data, and application level. These security controls include role-based IAM (identity and access management), encryption at rest and in transit, strong DDOS protection, multi-factor authentication, and more.

Comply with Stringent Industry Regulations.

Vaultastic is built ground-up to adhere to the comprehensive and strict cybersecurity guidelines of industry regulators like RBI, SEBI, and IRDAI. The combined guidelines form an intense security checklist covering all areas of the multi-layered security framework, helping to deliver bulletproof security.

Continuous Vigilance

Vaultastic dashboards enable real-time visibility into any security violation or abnormally high usage. These automatically get reported to the SOC team that can take immediate steps to control the impact and remedy the issue. The SOC, in turn, provides a detailed forensic analysis to the backend product teams to ensure they address the vulnerabilities and the security incident never gets repeated.

Audits and Certifications

As part of the AWS partner network, Vaultastic's security infrastructure is reviewed and certified in the comprehensive annual AWS FTR audit. Independent auditors also regularly conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to ensure adherence to cloud security best practices.

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Entrust your data with Vaultastic's cloud storage security solutions.

We understand how crucial data is to your strategic decisions. We protect it so you can focus on your core activities without worrying about security or compliance issues.

Guarantee zero disruptions.

With zero disruptions, you are always ready to serve your customers. Never lose a payment because of a security incident. Never disappoint your customers because of downtime.

Build a trusted brand.

With zero data hacks, you stand out as a resilient brand that values customer data privacy as much as they do.

Ensure 100% compliance.

Vaultastic's secure data storage solutions ensure adherence to regulatory requirements across industry verticals. Examples include RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, and GDPR.
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Vaultastic’s Cloud Data Security

  • Vaultastic’s Cloud Data Security
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  • 1. Does Vaultastic offer DDOS attack protection?

    Yes, Vaultastic secures your data at multiple layers above the infrastructure. using new-age cloud security tools and controls. DDOS prevention is one of the many controls offered by Vaultastic’s comprehensive security framework. Learn more.

  • 2. How does Vaultastic encrypt data?

    Vaultastic uses 256-bit keys to encrypt your data at rest and in transit. This high level of encryption ensures 100% data privacy as your data is visible only to you via your console. Encryption in transit ensures that the information is not available to any sniffer or hacker who may try to intercept the flow.

  • 3. Can Vaultastic’s team see my customer data?

    No. As explained in the answer above, your data is encrypted end-to-end, and only you can see it. The entire platform is self-service, which means that you and your team handle your data imports, exports, searches, and movements. Under no circumstances can our team access the content of your data.

  • 4. Who owns the data on the cloud?

    You. Vaultastic is only a custodian of your data. We safe-keep it for you and enable easy egress when you need to export your data.  If the volume of data is not conducive for export over the wire, we can ship it to you on a physical medium too.

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