Does your enterprise struggle with email E-discovery for audit and compliance?

A fool-proof e-discovery strategy is crucial for modern global enterprises. C-suite executives realize that their businesses may require a time-sensitive search and extraction of electronic communication at any point because of audits, litigation, or compliance requirements. Most e-discovery software solutions struggle with the following:

Transform your data search and extraction workflows with Vaultastic's email e-discovery software.

Vaultastic has developed compliance e-discovery solutions that eliminate the operational challenges enterprises face. It consolidates email data onto a high-performance storage infrastructure and empowers business users with intuitive user interfaces to execute e-discovery in just a few clicks.
Vaultastic Solutions

Centralized Data

Vaultastic offers a secure, bottomless, and reliable cloud archive that stores the complete email data in a single searchable repository. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 99.999999999% data durability, your email data is always accessible in pristine condition.

Flexible and Deep Search

Search through archived data using keywords, email IDs, and date ranges. Create advanced custom queries for searching emails using multiple parameters at once.

Instantaneous Results

Vaultastic's seamless, endless archive delivers instant search results for any period and size of data. You can further speed up your investigation by downloading only the smaller search results metadata before initiating a full data download.

Single-click repeatable queries

Create and save the frequently needed complex, deep queries for single-click re-runs to proactively monitor activity and detect compliance violations. This capability reduces errors and boosts productivity.

Stay a cut above the rest with Vaultastic's best E-discovery software

Increased Compliance Posture

Ensure 100% compliance with seamless search and case management workflows. Detect potential compliance violations and initiate granular legal holds with standardized search queries. Securely share email datasets to external reviewers and collaborate for quick resolutions within deadlines using legal e-discovery software.

Enhanced Data Analysis

Readily accessible emails and self-service search options help enterprises unlock the trapped value in email data. Analyzing customer responses to marketing campaigns and service notifications help identify insights that can drive business strategy. E-discovery for financial services can help in risk management by unearthing potential fraud.

Huge Cost Savings

Deep e-discovery ensures you extract only the exact dataset required for your business and nothing more. It reduces bandwidth costs substantially. Also, you don't need to make prohibitive upfront investments with Vaultastic's pay-as-you-use models for cloud e-discovery software.

Learn more: How to use Vaultastic’s cloud-based ediscovery software
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  • 1. How do I share the e-discovery results with my team or external auditors?

    You have several options to share e-discovery results. One way is to download the search summary (metadata only) and share that. The second way is to download the content as EML or PST files and share that. Another way is to use Vaultastic’s integrated case management tool to share and invite others to collaborate on the discovery with their recommendations.

  • 2. Does Vaultastic support Office 365 e-discovery too?

    Yes. Once you set up Office 365 Email Archiving, Vaultastic has all the data from Office 365. You are now equipped to perform Office 365 e-discovery via the Vaultastic search console.

  • 3. Can I provide restricted e-discovery rights to specific team members?

    Absolutely. It’s a common requirement that ranges from:

    • Enabling self-service for your users where each of them can log in and only search in their own vault.
    • Enabling department-level search where the department heads can search for data of their team members. 
    • Enabling auditor access where the auditor can search across the vaults of all users.

    Either way, you can also define exceptions. Learn more.

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