Cloud Based Email Archiving

Using the cloud email archiving platform Vaultastic, businesses can quickly and economically archive, find, and manage enormous volumes of email data.
Cloud-Based Email Archiving

Modern Enterprises face Big Data Challenges.

Email conveys a large amount of unstructured data and a sizable portion of sensitive and business-critical information in a rapidly growing digital world.

A typical business user sends and receives 160 emails every day (as in 2022, source: Earthweb) a year's worth of data growth equals 4 GB. In a year, 100-user organization accumulates 400GB.

Businesses are forced to keep this ever-growing email data long-term to comply with regulations and uphold local data protection legislation.

However, conventional preservation techniques fragment data and lack the adaptability and agility needed to fulfill various data management requirements, and also require expensive upkeep and replacement.

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Vaultastic's Cloud Email Archiving Solutions are infinitely scalable

A central cloud-based email archive facilitates easy high-volume data management and enables a wide range of corporate applications, including data protection, oversight, and preparation for legal and regulatory compliance.

Having access to rich cloud services in a single window makes managing your data simple.

60% Lower Costs: Vaultastic improves the visibility and availability of large volumes of business-critical data at costs compressed up to 60%.

Simple Search: Finding data from any time matching keywords and other attributes is simple, accurate, and fast, thanks to a common cloud repository and advanced discovery tools.

Incredibly durable data: Due to its built-in disaster recovery and redundant cloud stores, Vaultastic offers incredibly high data durability for your cloud email archives.

Reliable centralized repository: The essential support for any project can be provided by a safe and secure central cloud-based email archive that collects active and legacy email data from your primary mail solution.

Vaultastic's Cloud Email Archiving Solutions reduce data storage costs by up to 47%.

Storage savings: The cloud based email archiving software Vaultastic automatically removes redundant material from ingested data and retains references to the single copy, saving up to 47% on data retention expenses.

Optimization of the entire Data Lifecycle: Customers can minimize their storage costs along the entire data lifecycle by using Vaultastic's storage tiering architecture to store infrequently used aging data in an inexpensive Inactive (cold) storage.

Up to 90% reduction in search times: They can find and access necessary data quickly with the aid of deep discovery and extraction tools, automatic data movement between the Active and Inactive stores, and other methods.

Easy knowledge reuse: Vaultastic also makes it easier to merge the content of active and legacy mail into a secure, single, central cloud email archiver to increase data exposure, promote knowledge reuse, and rectify the detrimental impacts of data fragmentation.
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