Are your data management costs soaring?

Every component of the data storage lifecycle adds to business costs. A robust cost optimization model takes a long-term view and strikes the correct balance between performance, durability, and expenditure.

Migration expenses

As your company grows at full throttle, the business data volume and velocity are bound to rise phenomenally. Traditional manual tools migrate as-is data without any processing. It increases the effort as well as the costs of migration.

Storage Charges

If you use the same infrastructure to store all data irrespective of the differences in usage patterns, the costs will increase in direct proportion to the volume of data. Moreover, conventional storage tools require costly specialized resources for administration.

Business Continuity Losses

High availability is a must for modern enterprises. Losing data due to a disaster or failure to recover from a disruption within a reasonable period can lead to business losses and compliance penalties.

Extraction costs

Fragmented backups in diverse formats make data extraction difficult and time-consuming. Besides, bandwidth usage for extraction further adds to the expenses.
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Are your data management costs soaring?

Drive data management savings with Vaultastic's multi-dimensional cloud cost optimization strategies.

Vaultastic understands that data resilience is of utmost importance to modern digitally-enabled enterprises. We help you save on expenses without compromising your data's accessibility, accuracy, and security.

Automated Migration

Vaultastic offers ready connectors and APIs to enable hands-free bulk data migration across diverse data formats. It leverages advanced compression algorithms, and parallel processing to minimize migration time and costs. Learn more.

Storage Tiering and Deduplication

Vaultastic categorizes data and assigns separate storage infrastructure to optimize costs. Business critical data that is frequently accessed migrates to active high-performance stores. Infrequently used data migrates to cold stores that drive down storage costs. In addition, advanced deduplication techniques further drive down storage use by up to 47%.

Fast, Accurate E-discovery

Vaultastic provides self-service interfaces that help you search through archived data with keywords and multiple other parameters simultaneously. It helps locate the exact data needed for extraction in a single attempt saving time and bandwidth costs. Learn more.

Easy Administration

You can configure enterprise data retention policies to automate data archival, retention, and disposal. Easy-to-use management consoles, dashboards, and in-built business continuity protocols empower business users to take charge, saving workforce costs.

Usage-based Billing

With Vaultastic, you pay only as much as you use. You do not need to make heavy upfront investments or incur fixed charges to set up your data management platforms. Learn more.
Drive data management savings with Vaultastic's multi-dimensional cloud cost optimization strategies.

Streamline your cashflows with Vaultastic's cost optimization models

Long-Term Cost Savings

As your enterprise data volume grows year-on-year with us, you will experience that data management costs will not steeply rise as Vaultastic rationalizes the expenses continuously across every stage in the data lifecycle.

Zero Fixed Costs

There are no upfront payments or fixed contracts, and everything you need for archival management - from hardware maintenance to application interfaces - is offered by Vaultastic for an all-inclusive monthly fee aligned to your actual usage.
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Streamline your cashflows with Vaultastic's cost optimization models
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Cost Optimization

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  • 1. Can Vaultastic cloud cost optimization help me reduce compliance-related costs?

    Yes, it will.

    To stay compliant, you need to preserve all data long-term in a discoverable form so that you are ready to respond to queries quickly. Vaultastic’s multi-dimensional cost optimization methods will help you reduce retention costs, migration time, and expenses and help you with fast ediscovery to boost productivity. Learn more about legal and compliance solutions from Vaultastic.

  • 2. Does the monthly fee include the cost of building redundancy and ensuring business continuity?

    Yes, the entire platform is fully managed and maintained by Mithi. The cost includes giving you an always-on guaranteed service at all levels. Our engineers work hard to deliver bulletproof security, rock-solid reliability, and highly scalable performance.

  • 3. How can I migrate legacy data to Vaultastic in a cost-effective way?

    Traditionally, migrations are expensive since you must consider disparate data sources, types, and large volumes of data. Most migration projects need expert teams, continuous monitoring, and high bandwidth consumption. 

    Vaultastic delivers tools for hands-free bulk data migration across diverse data formats. It leverages advanced compression and massive parallel processing to minimize migration time and costs. For humongous data sizes, we also provide a service to physically ship the data from your premises to the cloud. Learn more.

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