Can your traditional data migration software and archival strategies keep pace with your enterprise's growth?

The pandemic has forced most enterprises to move to the cloud. However, flawed migration techniques and manual processes invariably lead to cost and time overruns. Per Mckinsey's ITaaS Survey, 2020-21, 75% of cloud data migration projects were over budget, while 38% were behind schedule.

Vaultastic: Massively Scalable Cloud Data Migration Services with World-Class Resilience

Vautastic's industry-best data migration software is a one-stop solution for all your data conversion, transfer, backup, and extraction needs across data formats.
Vaultastic Solutions

Cross-format Compatibility

Migrate data from PST or EML files and multiple workplace productivity suites like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and many more through a single easy-to-use interface. Vaultastic's ready APIs ensure seamless and secure integration across data sources.

Hands-Free Migration

Configure the source and target data platforms and schedule migration jobs to run automatically in the background. Vaultastic's intelligent migration algorithm handles temporary connection dropoffs, varying rate limits and sizes, and other network limitations without disruption.

Granular Visibility

Monitor your migration progress in real-time with Vaultsatic's job management console. Pause, start and stop migrations at will and get automatic notifications for status updates and successful job completions.Learn more.

Cut Data Migration Timelines and Costs with High-Speed Data Ingestion Capabilities

With Vaultastic, your data is secure, always available, and immutable once you archive it. However, Vaultastic offers specific advantages even while migrating the data to cloud vaults.

Enhanced Productivity

Since Vaultastic's cloud data migration tools are hands-free, your tech team can save time on migration activities. Parallel batch jobs and elastic auto-scaling cloud storage vaults ensure lightning-fast throughput. Learn more.

Zero Upfront Investment

Unlike conventional data migration service providers, Vaultastic offers its services for an all-inclusive fee billed as per usage. You do not need to install, manage or maintain bulky software or make capital expenditures.

100% Compliance

Even the best data migration tools may not ensure easy e-discovery within the archived data. With Vaultastic, you can search and extract data using an easy self-service interface for compliance.
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  • 1. How does Vaultastic ensure cloud migration data security?

    All data movement from your environment to the Vaultastic cloud is encrypted end-to-end ensuring total security of your data during the transit. Once the data is in the Vaultastic cloud vaults, the data is protected by Vaultastic’s bulletproof shared security model across multiple layers. Some of these controls include encryption at rest, role based access, tiered storage and more. Learn more.

  • 2. What are the different types of migration requests supported by Vaultastic?

    Vaultastic integrates Mithi’s Legacyflo cloud migration tool to deliver integrated cloud data migration services. Legacyflo supports a wide variety of data sources, data targets and request types. Learn more about the different migration request types supported.

  • 3. How do I submit migration requests in Vaultastic's data migration software?

    This article explains the steps to submit a migration request.

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