Is your technology infrastructure missing post-archival data governance solutions?

Data-driven decision-making is a critical requirement for modern enterprises. However, most enterprises struggle to maintain the data quality and resilience required to generate actionable insights from historical data. The lack of clear governance policies and data security governance solutions results in multiple challenges.

Industry-best data governance tools aligned with world-class data management frameworks.

Vaultastic's archival systems offer in-built data governance mechanisms across the complete data life-cycle from data import to disposal.
Vaultastic Solutions

Data Quality Management

Vaultastic offers a centralized data store with ready APIs to import data from multiple formats and separate backup files. Automated deduplication ensures only a single version of data enters the archival systems. Vaultastic's AWS infrastructure enables continuous checksum verifications to maintain data integrity.

Retention Policies

Automate data retention policies with Vaultastic's intelligent migration algorithms and tiered storage setups. Business-critical frequently accessed data is stored in active data stores, while less important data stays in passive data stores. Irrelevant data gets disposed of automatically after specified timeframes based on business policies. Learn more.

Access Management

Vaultastic offers multi-layered data security governance solutions with role-based access restrictions to maintain data security. You can onboard internal and external team members in the system and configure viewing, editing, search rights, and downloading privileges. Learn more.

Be compliance-ready with top data governance tools for proactive risk management.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Resolve compliance queries and potential policy violations within strict deadlines with deep e-discovery tools and integrated case management tools. Anticipate and prepare for new regulations with long-term data retention strategies and top-notch data security. Learn more.

Data Democratization

Empower users with easy self-service options to search and extract data and collaborate for reporting, compliance, and audits while ensuring accountability with automated audit trails. Learn more.

Increased Productivity

Your team need not spend time in manual data governance activities during imports, deduplication, or data migration between archival vaults. Vaultastic also ensures the reliability and upgrades of the entire cloud data storage and business continuity infrastructure. Learn more.
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Data Governance Solutions

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  • 1. Do Vaultastic's data governance solutions build data redundancy for disaster recovery?

    Absolutely. Vaultastic’s cloud-native platform has an inbuilt disaster recovery site to ensure you say bye to RPO/RTO anxieties.

    As a result, Vaultastic can deliver high availability and extremely high data durability. Learn more.

  • 2. Is Vaultastic compliant with industry-standard data security regulations?

    Yes. Vaultastic is built on the shared security model of the cloud and leverages a multi-layered security framework to keep your data safe in the cloud. The security framework adheres to the cyber security guidelines of several industry regulators and laws, including IRDAI, RBI, SEBI, GDPR, and others. Learn more about Vaultastic’s bulletproof security architecture.

  • 3. Do I have to share data ownership if I archive data on Vaultastic infrastructure?

    Not at all. You are your data's complete owner, and Vaultastic is simply a custodian. We are like a bank locker that safely keeps your valuables.

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