Is your data archival setup missing integrated case management models?

Storing data securely on robust cloud infrastructure is now simple. But one must also be able to search through this data, share it securely and collaborate with peers for on-demand and periodic data audits. Data archival setups often suffer from these issues.

Single Window Integrated Case Management Software for Proactive Risk Management

Vaultastic's deep e-discovery tools make it easy to search and extract data based on parameters like date ranges, keywords, and email IDs. However, this is just the first step of case reviews. Vaultastic's case management integration helps manage end-to-end case review lifecycles.
Vaultastic Solutions

Intelligent search and extraction

Users can define search queries per the organization's communication policies and automate the scanning process to run regularly and discover potential violations. Learn more here and here.

Seamless collaboration

Internal auditors can initiate legal holds and reviews by flagging data with easy-to-use, secure interfaces. Internal and external reviewers can collaborate seamlessly in a unified, shared workspace by tagging, commenting, and defining actionable steps on the case for a quick resolution. Learn more.

World-class security features

Vaultastic allows auditors and managers to define access rules, downloading rights, and editing rights to ensure team member compliance within the integrated case management system. Different teams can also be assigned separate workspaces based on the nature of their work per the organization's policies. Learn more.

Ensure 100% On-Time Compliance with Vaultastic's Integrated Case Management System

Vaultastic's data storage infrastructure is highly resilient, secure, and immutable. Yet what sets Vaultastic apart from other data management service providers are extended capabilities that align tightly with real-world business needs. Integrated case management is one such functionality.

Speedy case resolution

Automated, centralized case management ensures all stakeholders are up-to-date and follow a coherent, structured process. Teams do not need to waste time searching through fragmented data, manually follow-up for reviews, or in ad-hoc coordination.

Increased accountability

Vaultastic's integrated case management model ensures that every flagged email and every comment on the case leading up to the resolution is timestamped and available in the permanent record.
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Integrated Case Management

  • Integrated Case Management
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  • 1. How does Vaultastic ensure data confidentiality while sharing data outside my company?

    Vaultastic integrates Ideolve, a secure team collaboration platform, to deliver integrated case management tools. When you share any data from your Vaultastic archive with internal or external people via the case management tool, Ideolve never sends a copy of the data to these people. 

    Instead, these teammates are invited to sign into the Ideolve platform and view and collaborate on the data you shared. You have the option to disable download and copy, thereby preventing any data theft. 

    Once the issue is resolved, you can also unshare the content to further tighten privacy. Learn more.

  • 2. How can I back up emails from multiple mailboxes into Vaultastic's integrated case management software?

    Vaultastic integrates Legacyflo, an advanced fully automatic data migration platform, to allow you to seamlessly migrate large volumes of data from your environment into Vaultastic. Legacyflo can ingest data from mailboxes, data sources like Google Drive, and data files like PST, EML, and MBOX. Learn more.

  • 3. How does Vaultastic ensure my email data is always available for search and extraction?

    Vaultastic is designed for rock-solid reliability with more than adequate redundancy and a full-blown DR (disaster recovery) site to put your RTO/RPO anxieties to rest. Our platform guarantees high availability and extremely high data durability ensuring (near) 100% availability of your data on-demand. Learn more.

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