Independent Office 365 Email Archiving

Vaultastic's cost-effective Office 365 email archiving solutions help protect your data in a separate independent infrastructure.
Office 365 Email Archiving

The challenges of native Office 365 Email Archiving

The native Microsoft Office 365 email archiving capabilities may not be sufficient as an enterprise-grade data protection platform for the modern digital organization, even though Microsoft Office 365 is a great platform for workplace efficiency for companies.

Here are some limitations of the native office 365 email archive solution, which warrant an independent archiving solution:

  • Limited e-discovery capabilities are not flexible for supporting hierarchical role-based privileges up to self-service. This limitation makes IT teams work very hard during audits and investigations.
  • As most regulations and operational best practices require, the native Office 365 email archive solution does not provide redundancy for the data storage (the archive is on the same platform as the primary emails).
  • The native Office 365 email archive solutions do not support comprehensive case management and compliance workflows required during investigations.
  • As the storage needs grow (and they will), the limits imposed on the archive store may warrant an expensive upgrade.

Vaultastic's independent Office 365 email archiving delivers complete lifecycle data management

Vaultastic delivers a durable independent Office 365 email archive solution by keeping immutable copies of your email data in numerous geographically separated AWS availability zones. Learn more.

Vaultastic’s in-built case management and compliance workflows facilitate easy, secure, and private methods to share breaches with internal and external teams, capture and record comments, and resolve violations rapidly and in quality. This in turn reduces legal and compliance risks for you.

Without needing assistance from the IT team, multi-level e-discovery provides user self-service, department-level search access, and auditor-level full/partial access. This flexibility reduces privacy risk since various personas can access data during investigations without the need to share it physically.

Vaultastic implements cutting-edge storage tiering to separate recently used emails into the Active store and infrequently used emails into the Open Store and reduce costs by up to 60% as your data size grows.

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Reduce turn-around time on Office 365 Email archiving discovery requests by 90%.

The super fast e-discovery capabilities of Vaultastic for Office 365 email archiving enable quick and precise responses (up to 90% quicker) to compliance and legal evidence requests using boolean structures on mail attributes, message content, date, and legal hold capabilities.

Vaultastic can easily export the e-discovery outcomes or a whole vault into portable format files for seamless connection with email clients or analytical tools.

Extracting data from cloud email services can be slow and tedious due to throttles placed on bulk data extraction. By storing an independent copy of all your email, Vaultastic helps lower the dangers of data lock-in.
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