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Vaultastic enhances the Office 365 Archive solution with scalable migration, discovery, and extraction tools.
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Why do you need a separate Office 365 archive?

Even if Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent platform for business workplace efficiency, the native Microsoft Office 365 archiving abilities may not be ideal as an enterprise-grade data management platform for the contemporary digital firm.

You may encounter these challenges:

  • The Office 365 archive does not provide extensive ediscovery and extraction capabilities, which are necessary for knowledge discovery and compliance.
  • Office 365 Archive does not offer strategies or tools to optimize costs efficiently as your archive storage grows (and it will).
  • Easy Migration tools aren't available for the efficient and economical import and management of old email data.
  • As most regulations and operational procedures require, it does not provide redundancy for the data storage (the archive is on the same platform as the emails).

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Gain power and save cost by choosing Vaultastic- An independent Office 365 archive

Vaultastic provides a separate, long-lasting Office 365 archive solution by storing immutable copies of your email data across many geographically distinct AWS availability zones. Learn more.

  • The automated migration tools from Vaultastic defragment your existing legacy data in mailboxes and files to create a single, unified repository for rapid discovery.
  • Multi-level e-discovery offers user self-service, departmental search access, and auditor level full/partial access without requiring help from the IT personnel, thus driving up productivity.
  • Vaultastic guarantees that the Office 365 archive is accessible for compliance on-demand as a perennial archive in a cloud infrastructure distinct from Microsoft 365.
  • Integrated case management tools facilitate compliance workflows and vastly enhance response time and quality, contributing to more confident compliance postures with your Office 365 archive.
  • As your data size increases, Vaultastic uses state-of-the-art storage tiering to segregate recently used emails into the Active store and infrequently used emails into the Open Store, lowering costs by up to 60%.

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Vaultastic lowers the privacy risk of your Office 365 Archive.

Since different personas can access specific data during investigations without physically sharing it, this flexibility lowers the threat to privacy.

Ease of interaction with analytical tools is made possible by Vaultastic's simple export of ediscovery findings or a whole vault into portable format files.

Vaultastic’s Office 365 email archiving solution offers lightning-fast e-discovery features for speedy and accurate (up to 90% faster) responses to compliance and legal evidence requests using boolean structures on mail attributes, message content, date, and legal hold capabilities.

Vaultastic also provides a disaster recovery site that keeps numerous redundant copies of your data and a commercially backed SLA to ensure data availability and durability.

Due to restrictions on bulk data extraction, extracting data from cloud email providers can be time-consuming and slow. Vaultastic reduces the risks of data lock-in by maintaining an independent copy of all of your emails.

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