Why should you preserve the corporate data assets in former employees' control?

One set of reasons is compliance, Litigation, Knowledge reuse, and support for a smooth Role Transition to successors.

The other is that when employees leave a company (voluntarily or otherwise), it is common for them to take away sensitive and confidential data and delete some critical data.

Either way, long-term corporate data retention can substantially reduce your organization's risk.

Problems related to protecting corporate data used by former employees

Essentially there are three key concern areas:

  • Ensuring that you safeguard all corporate data assets used and controlled by former employees.
  • Ensuring that employees do not carry confidential information when they leave the company.
  • Once an employee leaves, access to corporate systems and data is disabled.
Protecting Corporate Data that was in control of Former employees | Vaultastic

Typical challenges with traditional methods of protecting corporate data accessed by former employees

Our conversations with hundreds of decision-makers suggest that:

Protect your business against Data Risks

Vaultastic’s Agile Cloud Data Archiving addresses a wide range of data management use-cases for your information-driven business

Protect high-volume Current and Ex-employee Data at optimized costs

Enhance your Legal and Compliance readiness

Gain Control with Supervision and Oversight

Proactively preserve corporate data assets from former employees easily and cost-effectively through a unified and automatic cloud archive of emails and files. Centralization ensures
control and security.

Optimize up to 60% of costs

Vaultastic, a SaaS, agile data management platform built on the AWS cloud, uses a unique storage tiering architecture combined with deduplication to optimize up to 60% of costs even as your storage grows.

Resilient migration tools

In-built, resilient migration tools supporting various data formats and sources, including Google Drive and OneDrive, can help reduce the challenges of importing large volumes of legacy email and file data from the traditional storage and archive environments on-premises & on the cloud.

Automatic data ingestion

Vaultastic’s automatic data ingestion mechanisms capture active data in real time to ensure 100% capture of all data generated.

Immutable data storage

Vaultatsic’s immutable data storage reduces compliance and regulatory risk with auditable chains of custody to serve as admissible electronic evidence in legal proceedings.

Quick discovery and extraction

Tools for quick discovery and extraction make access to legacy data easy.

Next Steps to incorporating robust corporate Data Management best practices in your organization.

Read more about Vaultastic’s on-demand data archiving solution for protecting the corporate data of former employees.

You could also explore more use cases supported by Vaultastic. You'll be surprised how Vaultastic SaaS can save time and effort.
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FAQs about Protecting Corporate Data of Former Employees

  • Legacy Archive Data Management
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  • 1. What is data archiving for ex-employees, and why is it important?

    Protecting corporate data, which was in the control of ex-employees, refers to storing and preserving electronic data (emails and files) associated with former employees for legal, regulatory, and business reasons. 

    Long-term corporate data retention is vital to help the organization reduce data-related risks and support business operations such as role transition, knowledge discovery, and legal & compliance readiness.

  • 2. What are the best practices for former staff data archiving?

    A proactive approach to data retention of corporate data assets in control of former employees will serve you well and ensure you are ready for any audit, investigation, or litigation. 

    We propose the following as best practices:

    • Adopt a cloud SaaS solution to benefit from its scalability, security, and reliability.
    • Choose a solution with rich features to help you manage corporate data automatically and centrally. While features to make ediscovery and extraction easy are critical, tools for automating policies and governance are as important.
    • Archive data from day zero means that ensure a copy of all data created/generated by the employees is automatically archived in an independent central repository right from employee onboarding. Collecting data later may be futile since it may not capture 100% of it.
    • Import any legacy data lying around in files on your local storage mediums. This will ensure that your legacy data in the control of former employees are safe, tamper-resistant, and durable.
    • Deploy role-based access controls to allow IT, staff, selective employees, and auditors access to the company data.
    • Configure policies to retain and govern data automatically to drive productivity.

    Give Vaultastic a try. It's well-proven for this use case.

  • 3. How do I ensure data security when archiving information for ex-employees?

    We propose protecting your corporate data on a secure cloud data archive, which secures your data along multiple layers to offer a bulletproof defense against cyber attacks. These security controls include data encryption at rest and in transit, role-based access control, data residency, dual authentication, and more. 

    Choose a solution that aligns with industry cyber security regulations with a very high data durability to deliver total peace of mind.

    Learn more about The Vaultastic Assurance for your data. 

  • 4. What are the technical considerations for protecting corporate data used by former employees?

    If you are adopting a SaaS data management solution (recommended) like Vaultastic, there isn't much to worry about. You’ll be receiving a fully managed, guaranteed service with no hardware expected at your end. You would need to collate the legacy company employee data and migrate it to the scalable, cloud SaaS service like Vaultastic. And you need to initiate the automatic capture of all employee data.

    However, if you choose to deploy an on-premise or hosted solution for corporate data retention, you would need to design for scale, security, and reliability. A challenging task for any team. Learn more about the differences between cloud and on-premise archiving solutions.

  • 5. What are the benefits of data archiving for terminated staff?

    Protecting corporate data used by ex-employees in a solution like Vaultastic offers a number of benefits for an organization, including:


    Centralized data archiving helps organizations comply with legal and regulatory requirements around data retention by preserving electronic data associated with terminated employees for a specific period.

    Legal discovery:

    Archived data can be used as evidence in legal proceedings, providing an organization with a valuable resource in disputes or lawsuits.

    Business continuity:

    Robust data archiving helps organizations maintain business continuity by preserving important information that may be needed in the future.

    Data security:

    Vaultastic protects archived data in a secure and tamper-proof manner, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access or breaches.


    Vaultastic’s cloud data archiving solution optimizes costs along multiple dimensions and allows organizations to store large amounts of data without cost overruns as data grows.

    Ease of retrieval:

    Vaultastic delivers on-demand data and cloud features to ease the discovery and granular data extraction for future reference and use.

  • 6. How do I ensure compliance with data retention laws for ex-employees? Are there any specific regulations on data archiving for certain industries?

    Combined, the regulators and the data protection laws have certain expectations from organizations regarding protecting corporate data accessed by former employees.

    These include long-term data retention, data security, data residency, ease of data access, discovery and extraction (to support audits), selective data deletion, and more.

    Learn more about cloud data retention solutions that adhere to local data protection laws and industry regulations. You can also browse this article on worldwide data protection laws and privacy regulations.

  • 7. What are the legal considerations for archiving data for ex-employees?

    You may want to retain corporate data used by former employees to support future litigations with evidence. Corporate data retention can boost litigation readiness, improve compliance postures and reduce organizational risks substantially. Learn more about how Vaultastic can improve legal and compliance readiness.

  • 8. How long should we keep data for ex-employees?

    This will depend on your data retention policies. But we have seen that regulators and laws expect anything upward of seven-year retention and, in case of ongoing litigations, until the litigation ends.

  • 9. What all data sources and formats do you support for import?

    Vaultastic integrates the Legacyflo automatic migration tool from Mithi to enable migration from a wide variety of data sources and data formats. To name a few, you can import data from 

    1. Active mailboxes on your mailing solution.
    2. Cloud storage buckets carrying data files
    3. PST file formats
    4. EML file formats
    5. MBOX file format

    Learn more here.

  • 10. I am already using Vaultastic. Can I still import data?

    Sure you can. Use the integrated Legacyflo tool to import your data into the Vaultastic Active or Open Store per your requirement. The legacy data you import will add to the already existing data and be available via ediscovery or the Open Store access tool.

  • 11. I have my legacy archive data spread across inactive mailboxes, PST files, and EML files. How can you help me import all this into my central archive on Vaultastic?

    No cause for worry here. Vaultastic will pull data from all these sources into your common repository. Even though the sources are different and the formats are different, Vaultastic will store them in a standard portable form in the cloud to facilitate easy search and retrieval. 

  • 12. How long will my legacy archive data management take?

    From the time you start the import for your legacy data, the time taken for the data to be visible in your console depends on the following:

    1. The volume of data
    2. The current workload of the import tool dedicated to Legacy Archive Data Management

    The legacy archive data management team may need additional time to investigate data-related issues before completing the process.

  • 13. I have more than 100 TB of data, and it’s not feasible to transfer this over the wire. What options do I have for importing this into the Vaultastic archive?

    Again no worries here. Vaultastic engineers envisaged this scenario and have made provisions to support the physical movement of large volumes of data from your environment to the AWS cloud. Your Vaultastic team assigned to help you with legacy archive data management will brief you on the procedure for this.

Why the Vaultastic Platform

Performance that Scales

Bulletproof Security

Multi-dimension Cost Optimization

Complete Data Lifecycle Management

Amazon WorkMail
Microsoft 365
Google Workspace
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Drive
Simple Email System AWS
IBM Notes

Vaultastic - cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

Providing protection, visibility, and for business-critical data to ensure business continuity & enable effective response to change
Continuous Monitoring and Management of Security Threats to build Cyber Resilience

Continuous Monitoring and Management of Security Threats to build Cyber Resilience

Automated monitoring, frequent periodic audits, regular training on best practices, continuous improvements, and ongoing system upgrades are a part of our active security management practice.

High Impact Data Management Use Cases   across businesses

Small Urban Bank
From fragmented data to centralized, search-ready data with near 100% durability, availability and super-fast ediscovery.
Mid Sized Financial Services Firm
Manage subcription and storage costs of ex-employee data retention as mandated by regulations.
Mid Sized Health Insurance
Build reputation, reduce risks with fast turn around on data requests for litigation.
Mid Sized Regional Bank
Retain historical data to comply with regularity retention guidelines and stay audit-ready.
Mid Sized Bank
Reduce risks of compliance penalties with fast ediscovery and flexible extraction tools.
Legal Services Firm
Perform ediscovery across user accounts for faster and more flexible data access.
Local Government Body
Reliably migrate data to centrally searchable, highly available repository, and deliver better citizen service.
Small retail tech
Gain visibility, responsiveness, compliance and legal readiness for customer communications.
Research and communication Services
Easy investigate customer issue escalations to improve service quality.
Save on subscription upgrade costs by managing data better.


Very promising and visionary futuristic product

Overall this product is very much front line in terms of current compliance needs and competing with World leader peer solutions.

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- GM in the Healthcare Industry

Innovation And Solutioning At Its Best

Innovation and solutioning at its best: It has been a great experience working with Mithi. Specially in the servicing part there support is commendable. They are good at providing simple and innovative solutioning.

Read Full Review

Head - IT Application And Support in the Healthcare Industry

The Archival - peak to bottom

We needed to preserve email data of former employees, reduce the license cost and cost of ever growing mail data, while staying compliant as per regulatory requirements. Vaultastic helps us achieve the above objectives, effectively.

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- Head IT in the Finance Industry

Good Product with Easy interface

The archival was always an issue in an on-prem solution. Compliance and Risk deparments always wanted a quick retrieval of archived email which we are now able to deliver on time.

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- EVP & CTO in the Finance Industry

Overall experience with product was Technically excellent as well as economical.

Mithi team was persistent and helped our team to smoothly meet our compliance requirements and were able to implement as per the proposed timelines. Their support is outstanding.

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-Chief Manager - IT in the Manufacturing Industry

Must use vault solution for you important data.

Have been using Vaultastic for the last three years now, and have never faced any issue is the above features. The features provided are useful. The version 4 is more feature rich, and I am excited to use it.

Read Full Review

- Person in the Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation role
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