What makes up reliability in cloud computing?

While zeroing in on the most reliable cloud storage to keep your enterprise data protected and easily accessible, focus on these three crucial aspects:

Cloud Storage Availability

What is the uptime guarantee? If there is an outage, how much time will the system take to be up again?

Data Security

Is the data 100% secure? Does the storage system comply with government laws and Industry data security regulations?

Data Durability

Can the data get lost or corrupted? How much data will be lost if there is a problem?
What makes up reliability in cloud computing?

The Vaultastic Cloud Reliability Advantage - a look under the hood

Here is why Vaultastic has emerged as the best reliable cloud storage provider for several industry leaders across 18+ countries.

Cutting-edge Cloud Platform

We leverage the AWS infrastructure to host our solutions. It enables high-performance computational capabilities, seamless scalability, and high availability in cloud computing. It also delivers independently certified impregnable data protection with SSL encryption, versioning, and automatic audit logs. Why Vaultastic on AWS is better together.

Multi-layered Security Protocols

We fortify your enterprise resources with top-notch security measures at every layer, from the physical hardware infrastructure to the database, applications, and network & peripheral components. We specially focus on the vigilance and resilience framework to stay ready for the increasing sophistication and volume of cyber attacks. Learn more.

Built-in Disaster Recovery and High Data Durability

Our cloud solutions are designed for rapid recovery from outages and near-zero data loss. We leverage AWS’s multiple availability zones technology to build redundancy and maintain regular backups. Vaultastic delivers a perpetual, highly available archive in the cloud by storing immutable copies of your email data in AWS's multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers). It takes less than 60 minutes to get the system up and running, even in the case of a major disaster. Learn more.

Tiered Data Storage

We help you organize your enterprise data based on mission-criticality and frequency of access. Vaultastic’s Active Store (Hot) and Inactive Store (cold) build on the elastic cloud storage architecture to enable cloud archive reliability and efficiency with reduced disaster recovery costs to meet RPO and RTO objectives. Learn more.
The Vaultastic Cloud Reliability Advantage - a look under the hood

Outperform your competition with Vaultastic

Win customer trust. Build brand loyalty.

Customers today expect 24x7 accessibility. Vaultastic helps you deliver on this promise with zero business disruptions. Also, we ensure your sensitive customer data never falls victim to cyberattacks. So you can keep delighting your customers with a seamless and secure online experience.

Be always ON. Never lose data.

Your Vaulatastic platforms boast a cloud storage availability and an uptime of 99.9%, and extreme data durability of 99.999999999%. You read that right! It means there is almost zero probability of an outage or data loss.

Leave the compliance hassles to us

Vaultastic offers flexibility to choose where your data resides. So we can easily comply with data locality regulations. Also, our comprehensive cybersecurity framework ensures your data is secure in adherence to industry standards set by GDPR, the RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, and other regulatory authorities. In a nutshell, you get the most reliable cloud storage.
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Outperform your competition with Vaultastic
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Vaultastic Rock Solid Reliability

  • Vaultastic Rock Solid Reliability
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  • 1. Who owns the data on the cloud?

    You own your data. We safe keep it for you. We are only the custodians of your data. Vaultastic confirms Data Compatibility and Portability with tools and devices for Mass Data Extraction if needed.

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  • 2. How is customer data privacy ensured?

    Vaultastic protects your data in the cloud using multiple layers of security, which build on the cloud shared security model. Some of these controls include encryption (at rest and in transit), identity, access management, and authorization, which means your data is accessible only by authorized people. Learn more

  • 3. How is cloud data storage better than deploying our servers?

    This article, comparing on-premises archival to cloud archival, should help answer this question.

  • 4. How does Vaulastic deliver such high data durability?

    Vaultastic provides a highly available archive in the cloud by storing immutable copies of your email data in AWS's multiple geographically apart availability zones (data centers). The data is written simultaneously to both DCs, ensuring a near-zero RPO and, therefore, data durability of 11 9’s. Learn more.

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