Does your data storage infrastructure match up to industry-leading high-performance storage systems?

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An inside look at features that make Vaultastic stand out in any cloud storage performance comparison

Vaultastic offers hi-tech features that deliver top-notch performance and enormous scalability without ballooning costs for your enterprise.
Vaultastic Solutions

Lightning Fast E-discovery

Vaultastic provides an easy-to-use interface to search through the stored data. It ensures you only extract the exact subset of data that your business needs. It also minimizes response time and saves on bandwidth costs.

Intelligent Auto-Scaling

Vaultastic leverages the in-built capabilities of the world-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to configure scaling algorithms based on target utilization levels. Vaultastic automatically adds or removes storage capacity in real-time to maintain consistent service performance across demand levels.

Massive Ingestion capability

Most conventional storage repositories cannot process high volumes of data at high speeds. Vaultastic leverages state-of-the-art auto-scale, deduplication and compression techniques to ensure that data gets ingested quickly. Also, there are no limits to the vault sizes, so you can store as much data as required without worrying about hard drive capacities and fragmented storage.

In-Built Disaster Recovery

Vaultastic ensures redundancy while storing your business data. It offers continual data backups and guarantees the integrity of the stored data with ongoing checksum verifications. Whether in a minor outage or a major disaster, Vautastic's solutions assure near zero data loss and recovery time of fewer than 60 minutes. Learn more about Vaultastic’s rock-solid reliability.

Outpace your competitors with Vaultastic's storage performance tools

With Vaultastic, you are always sure that your data is readily accessible and secured, irrespective of the volumes. So you can focus on growing your business without any distractions.

Higher Productivity

Never waste time and resources on manual addition or removal of storage hardware. Boost productivity up to 30% with quick data searches and intuitive interfaces for flexible data extraction.

Lower Storage Costs

Deduplication, compression, and deep discovery mechanisms result in lower bandwidth costs. At the same time, tiered storage optimizes storage costs. Top that with pay-as-you-use pricing models, and you achieve tremendous savings for your business.

Better Compliance

Vaultastic's high-performance storage solutions help you respond to audit and legal queries faster and build a reputation as a compliant organization. They ensure your data is archived securely for periods determined by regulatory needs and is not susceptible to corruption or loss. Learn more.
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  • 1. How does Vaultastic data storage technology offer the best performance?

    Vaultastic is a cloud-native platform that leverages the scalability of the cloud to deliver massive ingestion capacity that auto-scales depending on the workload. Vaultastic builds a scalable indexing system on the elastic cloud store to provide an “infinite’ bottomless archive to accommodate ever-growing data in a search-ready form. These and many more modern architectures offer the promised high performance without the high cost.

  • 2. What are the RTO and RPO SLAs that Vaultastic assures?

    Since the solution has an inbuilt redundancy via a disaster recovery site, all data is simultaneously written to multiple data centers to deliver 11 9s of data durability. The rock-solid reliability of Vaultastic provides a near-zero RPO and an RTO of a few hours.

  • 3. How can I transfer business data to Vaultastic's cloud storage securely?

    Vaultastic offers advanced migration tools to automate and facilitate the job of importing large volumes of data in a swift, reliable way. Learn more.

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