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Enabling eDiscovery

How to enable eDiscovery for user using plans?

EDiscovery refers to the process of seeking, locating and searching email data on Vaultastic which uses an advanced indexing mechanism to ensure quick and accurate results even for very large volume of email data.

The plans assigned to the user will decide if the mails archived on Vaultastic will be indexed and visible in EDiscovery search.

Mails archived for users who are provisioned under Continuity and Hold plan are excluded in the EDiscovery search.

Refer How to choose plans for users on Vaultastic

How to control the access to the eDiscovery data?

The ediscovery interface is available to all users from the self service portal and the Admin Panel. However the data visible in the eDiscovery application depends on two factors.

  • Whether the user’s data is indexed. This is decided depending on the Plan

  • The list of user’s whose indexed data is visible to a user.

A user assigned a senior admin role can control the access to the indexed data.

Refer the topic How to configure eDiscovery view using admin panel to control the access to indexed data.

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