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Configure eDiscovery View

The eDiscovery module of Vaultastic allows users to search across mailboxes and folders. This works on an index. Whether or not a user’s data is indexed is controlled by the user’s plan. Refer the topic How to enable eDiscovery for users using plans

In addition, the administrator of a Vaultastic domain can control the access to indexed data for individual users.

By default, a new user created on Vaultastic can ONLY see his or her own data in the eDiscovery interface, provided the user is under a Tracer or Durability plan.

And by default the admin users (postmaster and the registered user who is also assigned the admin role) can see the index data for all users under the Tracer or Durability plan. Note if there are no users in the Tracer or Durability plans, the eDiscovery interface will not show any results for any query.

To control the access to the indexed data, the admin can Give access ONLY to a fixed set of users OR give access to the indexed data of all users except for a fixed set.

For example:

  • To allow access to index data for only a fixed set of users, choose ONLY for users given in the list below for the Show mails option. In the list below give the list of Vaultastic accounts.

  • To allow access only to the user’s data enter Self.

  • To allow access to data of additional users, enter the Vaultastic ids.

  • To allow access to the indexed data of all users, enter all.

    Please note, if the plan of the user is not Tracer or Durability, the data will not be indexed.

  • To allow access to index data for all users, with the exception of a few, select the option for ALL users EXCEPT for the users given in the list below for the Show mails option. In the list below, give the list of Vaultastic accounts to be excluded.

  1. Log in to Vaultastic. If you have signed in using the postmaster account, you will be taken to the Admin Panel. If you have logged as another user with an admin role, navigate to the Admin Panel console.

  2. From the left pane, click the user to configure eDiscovery View. Under the E-Discovery View section configure the settings.

    The sample shown in the figure shows that the user can view the indexed data for two users.

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