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Automatic User Provisioning

How do you enable the Auto User Creation setting of your Vaultastic domain?

As an admin, customize your domain hosted on Vaultastic to provision users automatically instead of provisioning users one-by-one or in bulk by importing CSV. This saves your time in provisioning and you can get started with Vaultastic quickly.

To enable the Auto User Creation property,

    1. From the left pane, select your domain to be customized.

    2. Enable the Auto User Creation property displayed under Auto User Creation section.

    3. Select a default plan to be assigned for the users created automatically.

    4. Save the settings.

How are users created on Vaultastic?

Once you provision your primary domain on Vaultastic for archiving, you need to enable the Auto User Creation property of your domain. Users will be created automatically as soon as an email is received to the Vaultastic domain.

For example:

Assume, Amit and Neeta are users of the domain baya.in. This domain has been provisioned on Vaultastic with the Auto User Creation property of the domain enabled.

When Amit sends an email to Neeta from his primary domain, a copy of the email is archived on his corresponding Vaultastic accounts of Amit and Neeta on Vaultastic. As the copy is received to Vaultastic, the system creates users Amit and Neeta on the Vaultastic domain.

What will the Vaultastic id and password of the user be?

The Vaultastic id of the user will be in the format primary-id@{domain-name}.vaultastic.com.

Users logging in for the first time have to set the password by clicking the Forgot Password link on the login page.

How much time will it take to create a user on Vaultastic?

The Automatic User Creation process on Vaultastic is in line. As an email is received on Vaultastic the user (sender/recipient) is created immediately.

To avoid dos attacks, if number of users created on Vaultastic exceeds the threshold in rate control, there may be some time delay in user creation.

What happens to email messages if there is a temporary failure in the auto user provisioning process?

Though there is a temporary failure in the auto user creation process on Vaultastic, mails received to Vaultastic remain intact in a mail queue for 7 days ensuring no data loss. Later, on successful user creation, mails are delivered to user’s Vaultastic account.

Does an admin need to provision a user manually if there is a failure in the auto user provisioning process?

No. The system will provision users automatically. If required an admin can provision users manually.

How many users can be provisioned on the Vaultastic domain?

It depends on the license for Vaultastic you have purchased. As you are approaching the maximum allowed count of users (as per your purchase), the system will send you alerts prompting you to take action. If you use up the licensed count of users, the system will not allow you to provision more users.

The choices you have are:

  1. Purchase additional user licenses in your subscription

  2. Delete some accounts.

What will happen if the auto user creation property of the domain is disabled?

Though the auto user creation property is disabled for your domain, mails received to Vaultastic will remain intact in the mail queue for 7 days. Later, on successful user creation, mails will be delivered to the user’s Vaultastic account.

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