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Provisioning Users Manually in Bulk using CSV

Once your domain is provisioned on Vaultastic, users are added to the domain automatically. If required you can provision more users manually one-by-one or in bulk by importing a CSV file.

If you are importing users from CSV, you can set user properties in CSV file itself.

Import Users

  1. Log in to Vaultastic. If you have signed in using the postmaster account, you will be taken to the Admin Panel. If you have logged as another user with an admin role, navigate to the Admin Panel console.

  2. From the left pane,

    • Select the Vaultastic domain from the list of domains you have the rights to manage.

    • Click the Users option to view the list of users present on the domain.

  3. Click the Import Users icon to add multiple user records saved in a CSV file format.

  4. Select File to be imported from your machine.

    Before importing the CSV, make sure it follows the format recommended.

    Click the link to Check the CSV File format to be followed to import multiple users

  5. Locate the required CSV file on your machine.

  6. Click Continue to proceed.

    The application validates the user details, checks for duplicate records and shows the update status.

  7. After user validation,

    • You can Ignore the warnings and Update the valid properties of the users.


    • You can Cancel the import and update user records in the CSV file.


    • If users are added successfully, click the Update Properties button which updates all the user records with the properties mentioned in the CSV and displays the updation status.

  8. You can view the invalid properties ignored by the application.

    • You can ignore the invalid properties and proceed to continue


    • Update the CSV with valid data and re-import the CSV.


  9. Once the update is complete, click the Done button to exit the process.

  10. You can see the newly added users in the list.

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