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Customize Vaultastic Domain

Customize your domain with links, captcha status and so on using Admin Panel.

You are allowed to customize the properties as mentioned below.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel > Domain Name > Customization

  2. Customize the domain as required

    • Enable or disable the Captcha on the login page.

      If enabled an image is displayed on the domain login page of Baya. This image has some garbled text. The user has to enter the text in the image in addition to giving her user id and password. Login is successful only if the text entered matches the text in the image. This feature is used by the system to confirm that the login page is being accessed by a human. The default value is disabled.

    • Set the Organization Name that is the name of the Company to be displayed on the User Panel.

      This will be visible when the user clicks on the company logo along with information such as the link to the company website.

    • Set the Copyright Year The Copyright year will be displayed when the user clicks on the Company Logo in the User Panel.
    • Set Website Of The Organization which is the link to the company website. The link will be displayed on the user panel, when the user clicks on the company logo.
    • As an domain administrator,you can customize the self service portal or the Archive application to display custom links on the top right corner of the app. Set the label and assign the link to be displayed on the user panel.
    • Set the Domain Logo. The company logo uploaded will be displayed in the User Panel.

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