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Upload historical data using IMAP sync from O365 to Vaultastic

Send a request to the Vaultastic Team

To upload your historical data on Vaultastic, send an email to support@vaultastic.com requesting for an account on the Mithi’s Historical Data Uploader System

The Vaultastic team will send you an email containing the credentials required to log in to Mithi’s Historical Data Upload portal.

Upload historical data to your Vaultastic domain

    1. Enter the URL https://hist.mithi.com:5834 in the browser address bar to navigate to Mithi’s Historical Data Upload portal
    2. Enter the user id and password (shared via the email sent by the Vaultastic team) & click the log in button.For the credentials, please refer the email sent by the Vaultastic team in reply to your request for historical data upload.
    1. Select the job IMAPImport{Domain Name} from the list.
    1. From the left pane, click the link Build with Parameters.
  1. Provide the values for the fields as mentioned below.

    Field Name Description Sample Value
    sourceemailid Email id of the user whose data needs to be imported john@acmecorp.com
    sourceuserpassword Password associated with the account
    sourceserver IP address or host name of the email server from which data needs to be imported outlook.office365.com
    destinationuserid Vaultastic user id of the user john
    destinationdomain Vaultastic domain acmecorp-com.vaultastic.com
    destinationuserpassword Password associated with the Vaultastic account of the user
    destinationserver Vaultastic Host name acmecorp-com.vaultastic.com
    destfolder Mail will be imported in this folder. Folder will be displayed under History> Historical Data folder of the user’s Vaultastic account. DataUploaded17Jan2018
    maxage Mail will be imported for number of days entered in this box

    For Example: value == 17386 : all mail; 17386 number of days from epoch ( on 9Aug2017 since Thursday, 1 January 1970, 09:55:00 (UTC time))

    value > 0 : mail for the number of days mentioned here

    destfolderpattern INBOX.historical_data.${destfolder}.\$1 DO NOT CHANGE THIS VALUE
    destfolderfullname INBOX.historical_data.${destfolder} DO NOT CHANGE THIS VALUE

  2. Click the Build button.
  3. After the build is completed a mail will be sent along with attachments containing the folder list and the number of messages in them.

View uploaded data

You can view the imported data as it is uploaded to Vaultastic account.

On completion of the import job, you will receive a job completion and confirmation email message from the Vaultastic team to your registered email id.

The Imported data will be shown in the History folder of the Vaultastic account.

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