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Usage Summary Report

As the name suggests, the Usage Summary Report gives the summary of the Vaultastic domain. The summary includes the details as mentioned below. The report includes statistic of the time period mentioned in the report. (Usually a month prior to the report generation date.)

  1. License Information:

    – License End Date : The date on which your license will expire.

    – License Users : Total number of license users.

  2. Users : Total number of users on the Vaultastic domain.

  3. Mails Archived : Total number of mail messages archived on the Vaultastic domain in the given period.

  4. Mails Dropped : Total number of mail messages dropped by Vaultastic. These are the number of mails which Vaultastic could not archive as the users were missing on Vaultastic. The count is the total for the given period

  5. Unique users for whom mails were dropped : Total number of unique users for whom mail messages were dropped by Vaultastic.

  6. Auto provisioned users : Total number of users provisioned automatically on the Vaultastic domain.

  7. Total logins : Total number of login sessions that occurred on the Vaultastic domain.

  8. Storage Used (GB) : Total storage used on the Vaultastic domain.

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