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CPanel – Add a Mail Route

Configure a mail route (SMTP connector) for the Vaultastic server on your CPanel domain to enable email archiving. This SMTP connector will be used to route mail from CPanel to Vaultastic.

To setup the mail route, you need to configure PREROUTER settings from the Exim Configuration Manager interface of CPanel.

  1. Login to WEB HOST MANAGER using valid credentials.

  2. From the left panel search box, search for exim. This will navigate you to the Exim Configuration Manager section quickly.

  3. Click the Exim Configuration Manager button.

  4. Select the Advanced Editor tab.

  5. Locate the PREROUTERS section. To locate the section quickly, press the keys Ctrl + F and search for the string prerouters.

  6. Enter the following lines in the text-box

  7. send_via_VAULTASTIC:
    driver = manualroute
    domains = *
    transport = remote_smtp
    route_list = * byname
    host_find_failed = defer

  8. Scroll down and click the Save button.

  9. This will restart the Exim server.

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