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Setup Email Archiving for Office 365

Configure your primary domain to enable the email archival setting for all/required users. On configuration, email messages sent/received by those users are archived on the Vaultastic server.

To enable the email archival setting for users of the Office 365 domain, you need to configure a SMTP connector for Vaultastic server. This SMTP connector is an integral part of the Office 365 archiving setup, and will be used to route mail from Office 365 to Vaultastic.

To setup email archiving Office 365, first you need to define a recipient for undeliverable journal reports. If a journal report can’t be delivered to the Journaling mailbox specified in a Journal rule, it is queued in Exchange Online for some time.

3. Configure a journal rule to archive email messages

To archive mail from your primary email domain hosted on Office 365, the journal feature of Office 365 is used. The journaling feature forwards mail from the primary email server to the Vaultastic servers to enable email archiving for Office 365.

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