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Configure Journal Rule for Selected Users in Office 365

Before you configure Office 365 journaling for specific users, ensure

  • All the users have provisioned on the corresponding Vaultastic domain. If a user is not present on Vaultastic, email messages sent to or received from that user will not be archived on Vaultastic domain.

  • You have set an email id on which all the undeliverable journal reports will be received.

  • The journaling rule may take some time to come into effect. If mails are not getting archived, please recheck after half an hour.

Configuring Journal Rule to archive email messages sent or received by selected users of your domain is a 2 steps process. The steps for email journaling for Office 365 mail flow rules are as follows

  1. Create a distribution list of users for whom journaling needs to be enabled

  2. Configure the Journal Rule for the distribution list to start archiving the email messages.

Create a Distribution List of users

  1. To create a distribution list, navigate to the Home > Groups tab.

  2. Choose Distribution list as the type of group to be created

  3. Provide details as mentioned below

    • Give a Name to the group

    • Set email id of the group

    • Provide a Description.

    • Add the group to the Office 365 domain

  4. Select the newly added group from the list and click Edit to add members.

  5. Add members to the group.

    Members of this list should be the users of Office 365 domain for whom journaling needs to be enabled.

  6. Select users to be added to the distribution list and save the list.

  7. Close windows to finish the process.

Configuring journaling in Office 365 for specific users

  1. Navigate to the Admin Center

  2. Navigate to the Exchange Admin Center

  3. Choose the Compliance Management option and choose the Journal Rules tab

  4. Create the New Rule and provide details as mentioned below

    • Send journal reports to a standard Vaultastic id in the format journal@{domain}

      Example: For domain the Vaultastic id to receive all journal reports will be

    • Give a Name to the rule.

    • Choose to apply the rule If the message is sent or received from a specific user or group

  5. Choose the newly created Distributed list of selected users for whom archiving needs to be enabled.

  6. Add the group and click OK.

  7. Choose to Journal all messages that is inbound as well as outbound.

  8. Save the rule.

  9. To reflect the changes, please logout and re-login to the admin portal.

    As per rule, all the mail sent/received by the users in the distribution list will be archived to the respective account on the Vaultastic server.

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