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Access the eDiscovery Portal

The eDiscovery portal helps the user search across the Vaultastic accounts.

By default, a Vaultastic user can ONLY see his or her own data in the eDiscovery interface, provided the user is under a Tracer or Durability plan. Contact admin to configure eDiscovery view for you which enables you to search across other users data in eDiscovery.

And by default the admin users can search across all accounts on Vaultastic which are under the Tracer or Durability plan.

If there are no users in the Tracer or Durability plans, the eDiscovery interface will not show any results for any query.

  1. To access the eDiscovery portal, log on to Vaultastic portal using valid credentials.

  2. Click the eDiscovery icon in the top pane to launch the eDiscovery portal.

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