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Getting Started

Follow these simple steps to get started with Vaultastic

Step 1: Create a Vaultastic domain

If you do not have an Vaultastic domain, you need to simply sign up for one. On filling the details on the form, a 30 day free Vaultastic domain will be created for you.

Once your domain is ready, you will receive a mail on your registered email id with the domain access URL and other details to get you started.

Step 2: Access your Vaultastic domain

Every Vaultastic domain has a default administrator account called postmaster.

When you login to your Vaultastic domain using the administrator account, you will get access to the Admin Panel.

Using the Admin Panel, you can customize your Vaultastic domain and provision users.

Step 3: Start archiving live mail flow

Using the journaling or mail forwarding features of the mail server, you can forward a copy of each mail sent and received by your users on the primary server to the corresponding Vaultastic account. Vaultastic supports live mail archiving for a lot of mail servers and the configurations for your server can be found here.

Live mail flow can be archived to Continuity, Tracer or Durability accounts. Once the flow is established, the mail received and sent by users will be visible in the Inbox and Sent Items folders of the Archive view of their Vaults. For Tracer and Durability the email will also be visible in the eDiscovery view.

Step 4: Archive legacy data

Using the Historical Data Upload application, upload legacy or historical email data for active and inactive users. Data accessible using IMAP or available in PST, EML and MBOX files can be uploaded to end user vaults using the application. This facility is available for the Tracer, Durability and Hold plans. Data uploaded will be visible in sub folders of Historical Data in the Archive view. This data is also searchable using the eDiscovery view.

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