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Import email data from live mailboxes using IMAP

If you are having live mailboxes (belonging to active or inactive users), which contain email data that needs to be migrated to corresponding user vaults on Vaultastic, you can do this via IMAP Sync.

Using this method, you can configure sync jobs via your Historical Data Upload portal to copy data from your primary mail system, over the Internet to Vaultastic.

It is important to note that most mail systems deploy bandwidth throttling to protect their systems from being overloaded and hence this method, while fully automated, would take a while depending on the data size per user account. E.g. we have seen several popular systems restrict daily download limits to 2.5GB per user, which means a 10 GB mailbox could take upto 4 days to complete.

Historical Data Upload portal allows you configure multiple parallel jobs to optimize the copy and increase throughput.

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