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Import email data files (PST/EML/MBOX)

If you have accumulated email data in the popular PST/EML/MBOX formats in files stored across your devices and storage mediums, you can import this into Vaultastic using the process described below.

Step 1: Upload Your data in the S3 bucket on Amazon cloud

This step is about moving all your email data files and folders into the Amazon cloud first. Amazon S3 is an elastic cloud storage technology, which can hold all your email data with very high durability.

If your data size is not too large, you can choose to copy these folders and files via the Internet using the S3 browser. The “large” here is a relative term and it depends on your last mile Internet capacity. As a rule of thumb, if it takes more than one week to upload your data to AWS using the spare capacity of your existing Internet connection, then you should consider using the snowball. Learn more about when to use snowball

Step 2: Convert & Import email data from your S3 bucket into Vaultastic

Using Historical Data Upload portal you can perform data migration from S3 bucket to Vaultastic. You can define multiple parallel jobs to pick up the PST/MBOX/EML files from your S3 bucket (Source) and convert/copy them to the corresponding user’s vault in Vaultastic.

Choose the required data file format from the list given below

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