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Log in to the Vaultastic Account

Before you log in to your Vaultastic account, contact admin to ensure your account is enabled and have access to the Vaultastic account.

  1. Access the URL https://{Domain-name}.vaultastic.com from your favorite browser.

    Log in to your vaultastic account using valid credentials

    • User ID : User id you use to logon to your primary email account

    • Password : Vaultastic account password

    • Domain Name : {Domain name}.vaultastic.com

    • For Example:

      – If your primary email id is john.smith@abc.com then

      – User ID to logon to vaultastic domain: john.smith

      – Domain Name: abc-com.vaultastic.com

    • Logging in for the first time? / Have forgotten your Vaultastic account password?

      If you do not know the password or have forgotten the password, use the Forgot pass app to reset the password of your vaultastic account.

  2. Vaultastic application interface displays on the screen. You can access the Inbox and Sent Items folder from the interface.

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