November 21, 2016

What happens after 30 days of the free trial is over?

During the 30 days of trial period, you and your team would have used the product to get a feel of its usefulness in your business environment.

Before this 30-day period ends, you will receive alerts from the system prompting that the free trial is about to get over.

Before or at the end of the 30 day period, you have the option to:

a: Go in for a paid archiving plan by choosing one of the 3 plans.

For this, you need to simply write in to and inform us of your choice of plan and we will upgrade your plan for you. Our team will call you to confirm other billing details, like address, billing frequency, etc.

b: Cancel your subscription

If you feel that Vaultastic did not serve your purpose. For this you don’t need to do anything. Vaultastic suspends your email archiving domain after the trial ends. It will stop accepting mail for archiving from your primary mail system. After another 7 days, all your archived data will be automatically deleted from our platform. Since we are always learning, we would appreciate if you can write about your experience and specifically about what didn’t work for you and send us a mail at

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