November 21, 2016

What is the free trial offer? How do I avail this offer? How is this trial offer, risk free?

What is the 30 day Free trial offer

Vaultastic offers you a risk free trial offer for 30 days. You can use the fully featured Vaultastic with unlimited storage.

How to avail the free trial offer?

It’s quite simple!
You can respond to the mail you received, confirming that you would like to avail this offer.
Or you can simply up for a free trial using the free trial form.
In  both the cases, we will get in touch with you to gather some  technical  information like the domain name, your primary email setup,  etc. After information gathering, we will set up your email archiving domain on Vaultastic.  We will also guide you in configuring your primary  mail  server to enable email archiving.
Once the setup is complete, you  will receive a welcome mail. This mail contains the instructions on how to access and use  Vaultastic’s Self Service and  Admin portal.

How is this trial offer, risk free?

1. Free from Financial Risk: Start the trial instantly, as no credit card or advance payment required. It is completely obligation-free.

2. Trusted by over 500K business users worldwide:  Many of them are Fortune companies, who have been our customers for over 7-8 years.

3. Archiving Solution by Email and Cloud experts: Mithi has been continuously developing and improving the email platform for over 10 years now. This same platform, delivered as an on-premise email and as a SaaS email service, drives the collaboration needs of demanding enterprises globally.

4. Never, Ever Lose Data: Vaultastic offers 99.99999999999% data durability and 99.9% uptime. It is hosted on the highly secure AWS Cloud infrastructure. A superior design of AWS provides guarantees on the extremely high durability on the mail data stored with us and very high reliability on the service uptime.

5. Your Data belongs to you only: Vaultastic stores the email data in encrypted and read-only format. Only you can access or download   this data. The data is secured in our enterprise email vault. Nobody else, not even our team can access this information. Once you cancel the subscription Vaultastic deletes your data automatically.

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